ABC Shootout 2022 prize distribution ceremony

January 9, 2023

ABC Shootout 2022

GCCs biggest world cup prediction contest ABC Shootout, comes to an end with a grand prize distribution ceremony. Abcshootout was in the limelight for the last two months with its incomparable offering of prizes and the public’s participation in the contest. The contest’s first prize was a brand new BMW X1 won by Mr Sayyid Ziyad and the second prize was a golden ball made of 50 grams of gold won by Fajid P, and the third prize was a golden boot made of 25 grams won by Mr Mohammed Riyaz. 

Many honourable individuals were present on occasion, including government officials and representatives from major organizations in GCC. ABC cargo MD Dr Sherif Abdul Kader, Director Shajahan, General manager Mr Nishad Mohammed, and Operations Manager Abhilash Vijayan were also present at the ceremony and congratulated the winners. 

MD Dr Sherif Abdul Khader said, ” ABC Cargo is looking forward to conducting more of this kind of event in the future and thanked everyone for the spirit they showed during the contest.”

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