ABC Cargo Deira Reviews

If you are seeking the speediest option to send your packages, excess baggage, luggage, cargo to India. ABC Cargo is the right service for you

ABC Cargo and Courier provides International standards from straight Dubai to India and delivers whatever you want to. We also deal with commercial packing with pick-up solutions from anywhere in UAE

ABC Cargo Deira Reviews

Was a wonderful experience with the Customer care team, especially Mr. Hafeez had helped me a lot. My cargo reached on time and safely.


Customer Service is very bad ASHX22064 is my reference number the onlie tracking system is not working and call center is not giving proper reply Please refer attached screenshot cargo status upstaed on 27 Sep today is 7 Oct Please refer attached screenshot cargo status upstaed on 27 Sep today is 19 Oct

Ansar Ali

They are thieves and nothing else. I paid 3200 dirhams to ship 8 boxes to Uk and when the boxes arrived most of my goods were broken to peaces and when i complained they asked me to prove that i purchased those goods which is crazy as they were mine and they didnt ask for proof of purchase when they collected the goods. Absolute fraud and unprofessional behaviour. I wouldn’t trust them with a dirham ever. . Please stay away from them as they will take ur money destroy your goods and then ask gou to prove that you bought those things and not stole them. I am fuming with all the loss i had to incur. Please please do not go near them if you want your goods to be saved and so do your money.

Zee Ban

Very bad service they give if there is possible zero star below is okay for abc cargo there website always crashed and while call on naif office no there is no reply from the abc cargo and they are big liars. .. They just want booking while booking they will tell you it will take 10 days actually it takes a month to reached the parcel

sadik solanki

Don’t use this cargo you will never get on time and your cargo will missing Very bad service. Parcel not reached on time and very bad situation they take my stuff out before reach home. Kindly don’t send cargo with this company when you claim they will give many excuses see the pictures how they do smartly


ABC Cargo Ajman Reviews 2021

ABC Cargo Ajman Services provide you with the best international cargo service at the cheapest rate in the market from UAE to all over India. 

ABC Cargo Ajman Reviews

Honestly the best service ever. I stayed at the Fairmont ajman hotel and with only few hours left to travel back to london I realised that my buggage allowance was not enough. I WhatsApp messaged ABC cargo ajman and within minutes the guys came and wrapped all my stuff up and took it away. Few days later I received my goods. The price was reasonable too. I will be using them again in 6 months time when I go back… honestly the best service ever! I highly recommend them.

Thank you ABC cargo! Noroon Miah

Very prompt service and efficient pickup!! Rest will come to know when cargo arrives in India .best cargo to India.

Very professional people to work with. Shifting was done very professionally without any damages. Would definitely recommend to others.

Unny Dhanesan

Hell service worst service ever I had Getting my package too much late Today onwards not going to send any parcels through ABC cargo Very worst service


Great service guys, my second consignment also reached my address in perfect shape. I do request not to spread hate news among public about a company, my cargo reached late by 8 days but it was intimated to me upon enquiry. Such is the season and such are the circumstances as the customs department is really strict these days with the clearance issue. Hoping to be associated soon for another consignment.

justin pereira

Appreciate the good response from the desk for tracking my courier. kudos to a professional approach to job. Even though received the cargo late by a few days, we appreciate your efforts

Surveillance Hesel

How Covid 2.0 is affecting Cargo Services in Dubai?

Covid seems to be so adamant to leave us and has come again with a bang. This time, it’s double-fold strong and supremely contagious with no visible symptoms, and the affected ones succumbing to their fate. 

Yes, being a frightening situation the second wave of Covid is definitely bringing in massive tension and stress among the society. 

With the massive spread of the Covid-19 variant and insufficiency of vaccines making top headlines, things seem to be getting way out of control. But to our relief, we can think about how we came out through ages of smallpox, jaundice, and many other viral diseases which caused a wreck in human lives. At a time, when technology and resources were minimal, we fought it out! Keeping these epic recoveries in mind, let’s practice social distancing, sanitizing hands, using masks, and taking enough precautions to fight this deadly virus off. 

Now, Covid-19 brought massive changes to the work sphere and work culture, and with the emergence of the second wave, Work from Home is going to be practiced soon enough to meet the safety guidelines and ensure less risky situations. 

How has Covid-19 affected the cargo industry is a topic that is worth discussing and let’s see how! 

Air Cargo comes to the rescue 

Air cargo has been a significant savior in delivering much-needed medicines, medical equipment (including spare parts/repair components). 

Time-sensitive materials delivery 

Cargo services in Dubai were actively pursued to deliver time-sensitive materials and keep the supply chains functioning. 

This came into practice and was only made possible with the dedicated cooperation of cargo freighter operations, utilization of cargo capacity in passenger aircraft, and relief flights to affected areas. 

With the Covid-19 protocol taking center stage, changes were made to the air cargo capacity based on actual flight movements. 

The Covid-19 protocol was actively and stringently followed by the best cargo service in Dubai, ABC Cargo, and also ensured contactless delivery.

Contactless delivery with multiple options 

We ensured a contactless delivery with respect to the highly pandemic situation and respected the Covid Protocol to keep things moving forward and continue to move forward with the same set of guidelines to meet the second wave too! 

The second wave of Covid brings in a lot of uncertainty and we have developed a set of guidelines to follow to ensure the safety and wellness of our team as well as our customers. 

The best propaganda to adopt on behalf of the Dubai Cargo Services is to practice social distancing. Let us maintain less proximity with more preference laid to contactless delivery! 

The second wave of Corona has reinstated some safety measures in Dubai and they are: 

Along with compulsory mask-wearing in public and ensuring social distancing, Dubai has in addition restricted gatherings at restaurants and social gatherings and banned live entertainment. 

It also put down hotel and shopping center capacity and stressed a requirement for all incoming passengers to take a test to prove they are virus-free. 

ABC Cargo Dubai relies on the safety and wellness of its customer base and extends our good wishes and prayers to help you surpass the second wave of Corona!

Booming offer from ABC Cargo: Just don’t miss it!

Having settled abroad for better job opportunities, better life prospects, and a new awakening of life, it sounds all good! But at times, we may be left with a vacant space in our hearts yearning for our loved ones who are far away from us. And we can send our love to our near and dear ones via availing cargo services.

abc cargo offer

Dubai is a well-acclaimed hotspot for people who want to make it big in their career and as we know, Dubai has been hosting people from all around the world for decades and decades now. And with people from around the globe flooding into this gulf country, so there has been a rise in the number of shipments across destinations. And, this led to the establishment of ABC Cargo in Dubai which flourished to become one of the pioneering cargo services in Dubai.

ABC Cargo in Dubai has been catering to the transportation, freight, customs clearance, and documentation procedure for safe delivery of your shipment across oceans and skies. ABC Cargo takes pride in the timely door-to-door delivery with smooth execution and perfect transactions.

We maintain completely dedicated and focused service when it comes to the hassle-free freight of your shipment- with professional packing. Cargo insurance for bulk goods, timely and right delivery of your shipment at the exact destination.

We have a transparent pricing plan and permits you to transport your cargo to any part of the world at affordable costs! ABC Cargo presents you with an amazing offer of 30% off on cargo services. In this age of Covid-19, with so much anxiety around and economic depression going on, we couldn’t think of yet another way to lend our gratitude to our endearing customer base.

Are you worried about the current status of your shipment? We provide you with real-time insights about the current location and probable time at which your freight will reach the destination.ABC Cargo has various warehouse storage facilities across the country to diminish your logistic costs and maintain stock levels.

Affordability rates of cargo services can come as a tough question to multiple people. But, that’s never going to happen with ABC Cargo as your cargo-partner. Having a transparent pricing system lets you know exactly what you are paying for and we make your every penny count with our timely cargo services. In addition, we have also introduced a 30% price waiver for all the cargo services and it’s not going to be any heavier on your pocket. It’s affordable and time-bounded! What else do you need from a cargo partner? It’s the best time to rope in ABC Cargo as your cargo-partner if you have not coordinated with them!

Else, if you have been associating with them for long, then grab this unbeatable offer of 30% on your bills and get your shipment done in this Ramadan season. We will carry your box of love to the right destination and deliver your shipment at the right time to the exact doorway.

Warehousing and Distribution: Significance and benefits

ABC Cargo has been providing timely cargo services, perfect logistic solutions for years and has masterly expertise in their domain and continues to earn acclaims for their dedicated services. We respect the time bounds within which the shipment has to be delivered and we always look forward to a timely delivery along with good customer service since we believe we all are a family. We love keeping things simple, complications are mostly avoided!

Now how is freight possible to faraway places? Have you ever wondered? It’s because of maintaining various warehousing and distribution units in prime areas of the country. This is a significant service to be noted out of all the services provided by the pioneering ABC Cargo. It is given much importance because warehousing and distribution forms the backbone of freight, it’s the connecting plane between lodging and delivery of shipment.

Cut down the overheads

The overheads that are interlying amongst the takeover and handover of the freight are presumably large and it can be a strong loss in terms of money, resources, and time. With various warehouse and distribution centers at prime locations, there will be convenient lodgement and split-ups in the routing procedure, thereby making the shipment of the freight an easy task!

Enhanced productivity

The levels of productivity is going to escalate to unparalleled heights with intermediary warehousing and distribution stations that can seamlessly aid in time management, reduced overheads, and freight transportation regulations. 

Not time-consuming at all!

Cargo services in Dubai are never offbeat and the freight services are always in full swing. With warehouses and distribution stations, shipment of freight can cut down the frequent overheads and thereby save plenty of time. The time lost midway can entirely change the time span and relatively delay the delivery of the shipment.

Production Network   

The production network won’t be complete without having warehousing at the core, since adequate and safe storage of the shipment is definitely necessary, and denying this fact would be next to cutting off the bark you are seated on!

Put in simple words, the control and coordination of the movement and storage of the shipment is the primary functionality revolving around warehouse and distribution. ABC Cargo has been part and parcel of the cargo services for a long time, and the journey would have gone stagnant without having proper warehouses and distribution units in the key locations of the country. Having various warehouses and distribution houses would benefit in numerous ways that can bring down costs as well as support in time management and timely delivery of the shipment. For controlled movement and storage of the freight, maintaining warehouses and distribution units is predominantly significant and ABC Cargo strongly believes in it!

Packing your Fragile Items was never a difficulty for ABC Cargo!

The shipment that we send is close to our hearts and we want our box of happiness to reach safely in the hands of our loved ones. The packing and shipping services are significant factors in the proper and safe handover of your shipment. Are you planning to send a stellar ceramic vase for the nuptials of your gardener cousin’s wedding? Worried that it may break to pieces or crack midway?

This is never going to happen with ABC Cargo Dubai at your service. Packing and shipping services of ABC Cargo is undoubtedly the best speaking in terms of proficiency and excellence.

The best time-tested packing materials are profoundly employed by ABC Cargo to act as an extra care for the untampered freight of your shipment, to take care of your fragile items from being broken while on the way, we use special customary packaging upon request and this comes with some additional cost too!

We give out all our love in the packages that we send and wholeheartedly wish that the shipment reaches the respective destination without any delay and without any damage. 

The primary key indicators of ABC cargo while it comes to packing and shipping services are:

ABC Add on Services

ABC Cargo has direct shipment as well as third-party lodgement of the shipment. For fragile items, we have separate customised packaging plans that can cost you a bit more than the usual pricing plan and the delivery of your shipment will be sound and safe!

 Best time-tested packing materials

The corrugated boxes that have been employed for packing your shipment should not be tad less than the predefined quality benchmark levels. Having a fresh new box that seems perfectly fine as and when it’s taken won’t do good until and unless it’s time-tested. The packing materials should be chosen in such a way that it has adequate longevity since your shipment has to go a long way! And ABC Cargo takes care of it professionally with expert hands!

Highly skilled proficient  packers

Having quality packing elements alone won’t do any good until you have quality people to do so.  The packing process demands expertise and some technicalities to ensure the safe and sound freight forwarding of your shipment. ABC cargo stands tall in terms of its highly qualified array of packers and mistakes are never going to occur with this qualified team!

Secured Packaging

The best moving company in Dubai, ABC Cargo safely handover your shipment to the right destination within the time frame, without a single damage and we deliver your happiness without any breaks! We pack your box of happiness and safely unloads it at the right doorstep with loads of dedication, commitment, and responsibility. 

ABC Cargo believes in the importance of secured packaging and considers it as a mandatory checklist key factor in ensuring a damage-free delivery of your shipment. We just can’t ruin your happiness and bring in disappointment, moreover, we just can’t let you down for believing in us! Get cargo insured packaging for your shipment upon query from the best shipping and packing cargo services in UAE, ABC Cargo! The recipients can receive it with loads of suspense and have a moment of utter happiness with the timely, safe reception of the shipment. Call Toll free on 800916 for the fastest and most affordable cargo services.

Forget your worries on customs clearance, for we have your back!

Customs Clearance in UAE has become less stringent with our best efforts. This delicate process is taken into meticulous consideration merged with the best efforts of ABC Cargo and has witnessed a smooth, hassle-free shipment.

ABC cargo has been lauded as the best cargo in UAE for its tremendous measures being incorporated in the custom clearance. Quick and tension-free shipment of the cargo is an all-time requirement of all.

ABC cargo has been looking after the entire shipment process of a massive exchange arena like Dubai and has successfully lauded in much rewarding claims. The Dubai Cargo has been widely known for its bulk exchanges and ABC Cargo tactfully handles the entire process with ease and excellence. 

The brownie points, ABC Cargo has fetched all these years in custom clearance are:

Quick Clearance of Shipment

It’s always sighted in the shipment procedure that three-fourth of the lag pops up amidst the clearance procedure. This is rightfully sorted out by the ABC Cargo groups in Dubai.

Complete Responsibility

Having a strong shoulder to lean on to help you out in the clearance procedure of your shipment

can be so rewarding right? This is seamlessly provided by ABC Cargo and has remarkably reflected in all the exchanges and deliveries that ABC Cargo has ever done so far!

Trouble-free clearance of shipment

The shipment procedure of Dubai Cargo has a  set of norms to be satisfied in order to sanction the shipment. This can be a complete nerve-wracking situation for the commoners. But with ABC Cargo at your side, this will never be a problem. A trouble-free clearance of shipment is a rewarding feature that you can always gain through ABC Cargo.

A totally unexpected loss will fall onto you at the last minute of unclearance of your freight. This fatal occurrence can be a total loss in terms of time and money. But having the support and service of ABC cargo can dutifully cater your worries and tactfully resolve this issue with steadfast service.

ABC Crago truly understands the urgency and attention you put onto your shipment and having a minor mistake in the clearance part can result in total dismay which can be completely rectified with expert help. The ABC Cargo have been managing the massive and all-time busy Dubai Cargo with complete responsibility and true positive feedback, which would have never been possible without accurate custom clearance. 

Door-to-door delivery will not just be a shipment procedure for ABC cargo, we also imbibe in our heart your emotions and expectations attested to the merchandise that is exported. ABC Cargo in Dubai won’t let your shipment just go discarded enroute and will ensure prompt customs clearance. Since, we believe it’s our responsibility to look after it!

Customs clearance is a stringent process where there are necessary and sufficient criterions to be satisfied and a tiny mistake can result in an abrupt end to the shipment of your freight which can be completely disheartening and we won’t let it happen!

Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight: Which One Is Better?

If you are in a point of uncertainty and are confused about which model to choose for your freight shipment, you are at the right place. Though pandemic has brought many challenges including price fluctuations and shipment delays, freight services are now coming back to normal. Anyhow, the choice of the mode of freight would depend upon your package size, weight, and content.

Airfreight, the best way for expedited shipping, may cost a lot more than ocean freight, but if you need the package in a short period of time, it is advised to choose air freight service over ocean freight service. Also, if you want to ship breakable items or electronics, air freight has better security than the latter. If the cost of shipping is less than 15-20% of the value of the goods, choose air freight as it is safer, quicker, and more reliable than ocean freight. This mode usually takes up to ten days. This includes holding hours at air terminals, routing and waiting for the accessible airplanes, and the time of procedures at the place of origin and the destination. Mishandling the products and chances of other damages to the products are also reduced because of the tight security and fast delivery. The chargeable weight for this mode usually determines the dimensional factor of 6,000 cubic centimeters for every kilogram. 

Airfreight: Advantages and Disadvantages

Air freights are now becoming more expensive as there are restrictions on passenger transport. Ocean freight is far cheaper and can transport large shipments. But anyhow, while air freight takes just days for delivery, ocean freight can take a week or few. Ocean freight is usually much slower than air, and customs issues and port holdups can sometimes cause additional delays too. The duration depends upon the distance and may range from just seven days to as long as 70 days. If you’re not in urgent need of the package, you can always choose ocean freight over the rest. Though it is a complicated process,  ocean freight is considered one of the most commonly used ways to transfer goods. Although, ocean shipments ensure safety as the ship’s designs can support the movement of hazardous or dangerous items safely and securely. For ocean cargo, the standard is 1,000 kilograms/cubic meter. For this mode, one cubic meter of payload with a load of 500 kilograms, can be multiple times more costly than sea cargo.

For the best ocean freight and air freight service in Dubai, connect with us via our cargo contact number.

What is the Cheapest way to Send a Parcel from UAE to India?

ABC Cargo Services provide you with the best international cargo service at the cheapest rate in the market from UAE to all over India. We have a great transport network covering all the significant zones in India.

Cheapest Courier Service from UAE to India

Also, did you know we are running an amazing offer that would let you save 30% of your conveyance charges? Yes, you read that right. This is the ideal opportunity to surprise your friends and family at home. You can likewise send a free courier sending quote to comprehend the delivery strategies, rates, and all the different details you would require.

Cargo to India

Ramadan Special Offer to Kerala

Grab the best Ramdan offer on ABC Cargo

With express delivery, you get every package hand-delivered anywhere in the world in a week.

Being one of the leading courier services in the UAE, each day we ship thousands of International couriers worldwide with fast delivery service at the best price. We give you an easy door-to-door delivery service in the most hassle-free methods. Be it small packages or bulk international deliveries, we’ll pick them up from your doorstep. 

In a joint effort with our group of specialists and our administration accomplices, we are sure we can offer a full range of services to meet your requirements. We also provide additional services including packing and repacking, pickup and delivery, labeling services, and real-time tracking. We offer premium and adaptable airship cargo services to guarantee that your urgent package is sent to you with the best routing, estimating the conveyance timelines. The technology is always under exploration by us to make the whole shipping process faster, but cheaper. Working with top transporters around the globe, we can offer our customers the most competitive rates and secure space.

To know more about your freight, get in touch with the cargo contact number provided in the website and to know about the price/KG send us a quote. 

In the Midst of COVID-19

We all know that livelihood and employment in the current crisis situation due to COVID-19 demands a solution with an advanced vision even for the skilled laborers and employable youth. All levels of business and corporates are facing this plight and so are we. We have been working knee- deep for making sure that our customers do not have to face difficulties on behalf of us. There have been numerous interruptions to our service especially when it comes to transportation.

Cargo and Courier

COVID-19 is constraining individuals around the globe to live and work in profoundly various manners. Fruitless racks, void roads, empty eateries, falling markets, rising case checks; this is a new reality. For most of us, this is a period of incredible vulnerability. Coronavirus is changing the manner in which individuals work, with transportation issues, remote work, and social distancing turning into the new standards. In numerous associations, these better approaches for working are bringing up issues and concerns.

We appreciate customers’ choice of us but the safety and security of our customers as well as our employee’s matter, furthermore. We are delighted to see a huge proportion of our customers understanding these difficulties and acclimatizing.

ABC Cargo and Courier comprise of a large team of experts and specialists who are ready to work day and night for the accomplishment of our goals. But this has taken an upside-down turn due to the pandemic.
We are keeping track of all the changing regulations and recommendations of WHO for the betterment of our service.

ABC Cargo
Customer Support Team: 800 916

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