Packing your Fragile Items was never a difficulty for ABC Cargo!

The shipment that we send is close to our hearts and we want our box of happiness to reach safely in the hands of our loved ones. The packing and shipping services are significant factors in the proper and safe handover of your shipment. Are you planning to send a stellar ceramic vase for the nuptials of your gardener cousin’s wedding? Worried that it may break to pieces or crack midway?

This is never going to happen with ABC Cargo Dubai at your service. Packing and shipping services of ABC Cargo is undoubtedly the best speaking in terms of proficiency and excellence.

The best time-tested packing materials are profoundly employed by ABC Cargo to act as an extra care for the untampered freight of your shipment, to take care of your fragile items from being broken while on the way, we use special customary packaging upon request and this comes with some additional cost too!

We give out all our love in the packages that we send and wholeheartedly wish that the shipment reaches the respective destination without any delay and without any damage. 

The primary key indicators of ABC cargo while it comes to packing and shipping services are:

ABC Add on Services

ABC Cargo has direct shipment as well as third-party lodgement of the shipment. For fragile items, we have separate customised packaging plans that can cost you a bit more than the usual pricing plan and the delivery of your shipment will be sound and safe!

 Best time-tested packing materials

The corrugated boxes that have been employed for packing your shipment should not be tad less than the predefined quality benchmark levels. Having a fresh new box that seems perfectly fine as and when it’s taken won’t do good until and unless it’s time-tested. The packing materials should be chosen in such a way that it has adequate longevity since your shipment has to go a long way! And ABC Cargo takes care of it professionally with expert hands!

Highly skilled proficient  packers

Having quality packing elements alone won’t do any good until you have quality people to do so.  The packing process demands expertise and some technicalities to ensure the safe and sound freight forwarding of your shipment. ABC cargo stands tall in terms of its highly qualified array of packers and mistakes are never going to occur with this qualified team!

Secured Packaging

The best moving company in Dubai, ABC Cargo safely handover your shipment to the right destination within the time frame, without a single damage and we deliver your happiness without any breaks! We pack your box of happiness and safely unloads it at the right doorstep with loads of dedication, commitment, and responsibility. 

ABC Cargo believes in the importance of secured packaging and considers it as a mandatory checklist key factor in ensuring a damage-free delivery of your shipment. We just can’t ruin your happiness and bring in disappointment, moreover, we just can’t let you down for believing in us! Get cargo insured packaging for your shipment upon query from the best shipping and packing cargo services in UAE, ABC Cargo! The recipients can receive it with loads of suspense and have a moment of utter happiness with the timely, safe reception of the shipment. Call Toll free on 800916 for the fastest and most affordable cargo services.

Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight: Which One Is Better?

If you are in a point of uncertainty and are confused about which model to choose for your freight shipment, you are at the right place. Though pandemic has brought many challenges including price fluctuations and shipment delays, freight services are now coming back to normal. Anyhow, the choice of the mode of freight would depend upon your package size, weight, and content.

Airfreight, the best way for expedited shipping, may cost a lot more than ocean freight, but if you need the package in a short period of time, it is advised to choose air freight service over ocean freight service. Also, if you want to ship breakable items or electronics, air freight has better security than the latter. If the cost of shipping is less than 15-20% of the value of the goods, choose air freight as it is safer, quicker, and more reliable than ocean freight. This mode usually takes up to ten days. This includes holding hours at air terminals, routing and waiting for the accessible airplanes, and the time of procedures at the place of origin and the destination. Mishandling the products and chances of other damages to the products are also reduced because of the tight security and fast delivery. The chargeable weight for this mode usually determines the dimensional factor of 6,000 cubic centimeters for every kilogram. 

Airfreight: Advantages and Disadvantages

Air freights are now becoming more expensive as there are restrictions on passenger transport. Ocean freight is far cheaper and can transport large shipments. But anyhow, while air freight takes just days for delivery, ocean freight can take a week or few. Ocean freight is usually much slower than air, and customs issues and port holdups can sometimes cause additional delays too. The duration depends upon the distance and may range from just seven days to as long as 70 days. If you’re not in urgent need of the package, you can always choose ocean freight over the rest. Though it is a complicated process,  ocean freight is considered one of the most commonly used ways to transfer goods. Although, ocean shipments ensure safety as the ship’s designs can support the movement of hazardous or dangerous items safely and securely. For ocean cargo, the standard is 1,000 kilograms/cubic meter. For this mode, one cubic meter of payload with a load of 500 kilograms, can be multiple times more costly than sea cargo.

For the best ocean freight and air freight service in Dubai, connect with us via our cargo contact number.

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions in the Logistics Sector

Pollution, particularly Sulfur contaminations, is unsafe for nature, and they are rampant in the logistics industry.  As humankind reaches towards the life conveniences made by science, little idea is paid to the unintended outcome that we pay for the sake of progress. As indicated by steady observations from NASA, the normal worldwide temperature has risen 1.9 degrees since 1880. 

Air cargo services dubai

Logistics and transportation are one of the world’s greatest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding the effect of international cargo services is important in understanding why we have to begin making changes.

You may think Air cargo causes major pollution in the logistics sector but it is not.  Air cargo has notoriety by a wide margin of the awful CO2 impression. Notably, this disrepute might be profoundly exaggerated and air freight is less of a natural threat than often thought.

Air cargo services’ dishonor depends on the way that long stretch flights produce an expected 602 grams of CO2 releases per ton-kilometer. It implies that on a long stretch course of 10,000 kilometers, for example, a trip on the major trans-Pacific exchange route from Shanghai to LA, every ton of payload is causing 6 tons of CO2 outflows into the air!

Anyway, that number of 602g per ton-km of air freight is deceiving. Numerous airlines don’t possess freighters and fly freight exclusively on the lower deck, with about a portion of air cargo going on the lower deck of passenger aircraft. If your cargo is under 160cm, there is a good chance it’s flying on the lower deck. At the point when cargo flies on a traveler flight, its impression is constrained to the marginal extra fuel consumed to cover the heaviness of the freight.

The airplane has one significant advantage – they will in general fly like crows, in a straight line, though trucks will zigzag along roads and drive 10-30% farther than the direct distance. With this additional factor clearly, the peripheral carbon impression of lower-deck air is no worse than the road.

Undoubtedly, the Freight Forwarder industry is still a huge producer of CO2, and air emits much more than sea or rail, however, it’s acceptable to realize that lower-deck air cargo is probably 7-10x less emissive than is usually suspected, and is equivalent to trucking.

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