Risks and Liabilities of a Freight Forwarder

Are you quite happy that you received the package at your doorsteps? Were you satisfied that it was wrapped, sealed, and packaged to perfection? But are you aware of behind the scenes of this happy home delivery?

Many freight forwarders undergo a couple of risks and liabilities to successfully deliver a package from order to delivery. Given that every situation is unique, it is very difficult to discuss the liability of a freight forwarder in writing. A freight forwarder’s responsibility to both their principal and the third party in the obligation is inextricably linked to their liabilities.

ABC Cargo, an air cargo services company in Dubai, has compiled a list of risks and liabilities every freight forwarder faces in their course of business on a regular basis!

  • Total loss of cargo– This may occur as a result of theft or physical damage to the cargo while in the care of the freight forwarder.
  • Damage to cargo – This may result from erroneous or inappropriate handling of the cargo while in the care of the freight forwarder or incorrect or poor packaging of the cargo.
  • Rerouting of goods– This may be necessary if the freight forwarder’s documentation for the carrier was incomplete and the cargo wound up on another continent.
  • Cargo abandonment– This could occur if the consignee who was expected to receive it abruptly does so owing to financial difficulties, order cancellation, etc.
  • Faulty documents– Reception of the goods at the destination can be delayed due to faulty documentation supplied to the carrier by the freight forwarder, incorrect cargo declarations made to customs, or any other sorts of incorrect cargo documentation completed by the freight forwarder that contributed to this delay.

Customers depend on the freight forwarder’s experience and expertise to pick up the cargo from the seller, arrange for proper packaging of the goods, handle all paperwork and clearances along the way, and deliver the cargo to the buyer at the specified location, at the correct price, and in the same condition that it was picked up from origin using the best resources and routing.

Choose the right freight forwarder!

Well, if you were among those who believed that anyone can work as a freight forwarder and lead a simple existenceThink it through again and choose the best freight forwarding companies in Dubai!

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