ABC Cargo World Cup Prediction 2022

ABC Cargo World cup prediction, competition tightens as the winner’s list gets bigger and bigger, and BMW X1 awaits the owner

GCCs number-one cargo service ABC Cargo announced a FIFA world cup contest a month ago, and thousands of people are playing it daily. ABCshootout 2022 offers the biggest prize in GCC prediction contests. The First prize winner will get a BMW X1, a golden ball worth 50 grams of gold, and a golden boot with 25 grams of gold to follow.

Daily Match Winners

The mega prize contest started last week with the knockout stages. Until then, participants can win a Samsung smartphone for each prediction, which means 48 smartphones for just predicting group stage matches. All the group stage winners are announced and informed; later, they will attend the mega event in Dubai. Mega prize round also allows winning smartphones for each prediction, but the actual jackpot is the first, second, and third prizes.

Only 16 or fewer predictions may win you a BMW X1 for real. Sound insane, right? The contest is all about luck and anticipation. Since eight matches are left, you can easily crack all of them and win the jackpot regardless of late joining. Hurry up and download the MyAbc app and test your luck. All the very best!!!

Find Easy Cargo Services to the UK from the UAE

Have cargo that can be affordably shipped from UAE ports? Want to utilise the best cargo services from Dubai (UAE) to the UK? Is it more expensive to send a shipment to the UK region with practically all cargo service providers? Perhaps you’re thinking of ABC Cargo. ABC Cargo, a specialised cargo firm, provides hassle-free door-to-door cargo services for all air and sea freight services to and from the UK.
Are you trying to get the best and most economical cargo service to the UK? It goes without saying that ABC CARGO SERVICES offers the best cargo services to the UK from the UAE. Experience the best packing and door-to-door moving services available in the UK. Stay amazed to discover the best facilities for that, including complete tracking and high-quality packing and moving to the UK.
A simple way to send cargo from the UAE to the UK
For the door-to-door relocation to the UK, we can load the container and handle all the export and import paperwork. In addition, we offer the most thorough door-to-door service possible in the UK.
The expectations of your clients in terms of quality, timing, promptness, updates, and transparency are met by ABC CARGO SERVICES. We know how important it is to take advantage of this chance, and as a result, we have the expertise and quality to suit the needs of the UK community who want to send packages there.
Cargo Services to London from the UAE
ABC Cargo offers the best cargo services from the UAE to London. We ship both personal and business items to the UK. Our professional packing and prompt delivery are both standards. Our staff is dedicated to offering all these facets of service delivery to each and every one of our lone customers who send personal stuff to the UK.
Undergo a professional, hassle-free cargo service from the UAE to the UK to the key UK cities as follows. By using ABC Cargo, residents of Abu Dhabi may easily access a full range of cargo to UK.
Experience the world’s best no. 1 cargo service from the UAE to the UK with simple support and a speedy resolution for all the paperwork. If you make shipment alone, it can be more difficult, and it will undoubtedly be challenging. This can be done by a licensed cargo firm, and we take care of it for you with simple steps. Our customers will receive the best freight service with simple paperwork support with just one call. No matter where you want to ship your cargo to be delivered in the UK, we take care of everything thoroughly.

ABC Cargo Celebrates Women’s Day in a Special Way!

ABC Cargo is a well-known shipping company that provides global air and sea cargo delivery services. This year, the freight company held a 100-boat procession at Dubai Abra to commemorate International Women’s Day.

ABC Cargo’s female employees applauded the company’s management for being concerned about gender equality in the workplace. Thousands of people gathered at Deira’s Sabkha station to make the festivities a huge success. The boat service was free from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and it was decked out in the company’s attractive red branding. Throughout the first half of the day, the entire creek turned red, inviting more and more people to join in the celebration.

Throughout the first half of the day, the entire creek turned red, inviting more and more people to join in the celebration.

ABC Cargo and Courier is a leading door-to-door Dubai to Kerala cargo service provider in the UAE and other GCC countries, offering both local and international services. Thanks to their constant efforts and high-quality service, ABC Cargo is the number one cargo service in the UAE, with 22 branch offices that have a highly dedicated team and a GCC Representation Network.

Choosing the correct shipping provider for your organization is critical and depends on a number of criteria. The search for the best shipping company for sending cargo to India might be exhausting if you don’t keep a few essential considerations in mind. The warm welcome among the customers alike has led to the flourishing of ABC Cargo to unparalleled levels and has positioned it as one of the best cargoes in the UAE! 

Door-to-door cargo to India experts! 

With 20 years of experience and 22 branches all over the GCC, ABC Cargo is your safest bet when it comes to freighters and can deliver your shipment in the best possible way!

ABC Cargo Covid-19 Support!

Covid-19 has been a hard hitter and has been strangulating the Earth masses for close to two years now and masks, sanitizers have become so casual. Now, we have started accessorising masks too to match with our attire and we have upped the game of social distancing too with Work from Home, online classes and many more! 

Most of the world population stood at some instance of their lives in the past two years hopeless and helpless! And many organizations came to the front line suggesting a helping hand to the overly worked out government officials who were struggling hard to meet two ends. 

ABC Cargo,  the best cargo in UAE, has also done some welfare contributions to the masses who were struck hard by the Covid wave and we’re left guessing over what’s next! 

Covid-19 Support

Many associations were struggling hard to keep the basic equipment like PPI kits, oximeters, and other medical kits. ABC Cargo rose to the cause and handled the situation wisely and found it was a social responsibility to do so. 

Being a shipping company, loads of necessary supplies were shipped to the necessary stations and the demands were met. The Covid-19 pandemic hit certain parts of the cities so hard that it wreaked havoc and living was barely happening, it was survival. Understanding the severity, ABC Cargo was quick to action. 

ABC Cargo is more than happy to have associated with many Indian associations to ensure medical supplements reach the respective areas where there was a deficit of necessary medical kits so that an uninterrupted supply of medical help could take place! 

ABC Cargo services have been managing the heavy flow of Dubai Cargo for years and have a sense of social responsibility that should be reciprocated. 

ABC Cargo has actively participated in the Covid -19 eradication programme and still continues to be! We encourage every corporate to heartfully and wilfully engage themselves to fight back Covid 19! 

How Covid 2.0 is affecting Cargo Services in Dubai?

Covid seems to be so adamant to leave us and has come again with a bang. This time, it’s double-fold strong and supremely contagious with no visible symptoms, and the affected ones succumbing to their fate. 

Yes, being a frightening situation the second wave of Covid is definitely bringing in massive tension and stress among the society. 

With the massive spread of the Covid-19 variant and insufficiency of vaccines making top headlines, things seem to be getting way out of control. But to our relief, we can think about how we came out through ages of smallpox, jaundice, and many other viral diseases which caused a wreck in human lives. At a time, when technology and resources were minimal, we fought it out! Keeping these epic recoveries in mind, let’s practice social distancing, sanitizing hands, using masks, and taking enough precautions to fight this deadly virus off. 

Now, Covid-19 brought massive changes to the work sphere and work culture, and with the emergence of the second wave, Work from Home is going to be practiced soon enough to meet the safety guidelines and ensure less risky situations. 

How has Covid-19 affected the cargo industry is a topic that is worth discussing and let’s see how! 

Air Cargo comes to the rescue 

Air cargo has been a significant savior in delivering much-needed medicines, medical equipment (including spare parts/repair components). 

Time-sensitive materials delivery 

Cargo services in Dubai were actively pursued to deliver time-sensitive materials and keep the supply chains functioning. 

This came into practice and was only made possible with the dedicated cooperation of cargo freighter operations, utilization of cargo capacity in passenger aircraft, and relief flights to affected areas. 

With the Covid-19 protocol taking center stage, changes were made to the air cargo capacity based on actual flight movements. 

The Covid-19 protocol was actively and stringently followed by the best cargo service in Dubai, ABC Cargo, and also ensured contactless delivery.

Contactless delivery with multiple options 

We ensured a contactless delivery with respect to the highly pandemic situation and respected the Covid Protocol to keep things moving forward and continue to move forward with the same set of guidelines to meet the second wave too! 

The second wave of Covid brings in a lot of uncertainty and we have developed a set of guidelines to follow to ensure the safety and wellness of our team as well as our customers. 

The best propaganda to adopt on behalf of the Dubai Cargo Services is to practice social distancing. Let us maintain less proximity with more preference laid to contactless delivery! 

The second wave of Corona has reinstated some safety measures in Dubai and they are: 

Along with compulsory mask-wearing in public and ensuring social distancing, Dubai has in addition restricted gatherings at restaurants and social gatherings and banned live entertainment. 

It also put down hotel and shopping center capacity and stressed a requirement for all incoming passengers to take a test to prove they are virus-free. 

ABC Cargo Dubai relies on the safety and wellness of its customer base and extends our good wishes and prayers to help you surpass the second wave of Corona!

ABC Cargo Kerala Floods Relief Cost Free Service

ABC Cargo & Courier provides free transportation service to those who are willing to provide flood relief, which is a service plan worth of praise.

ABC Cargo Kerala Floods Relief

As of today,thousands of expatriates from various Gulf countries have used the project. The expat community has taken up the project of freely dispatching all the utility items collected by non-resident organizations, groups and individuals to Kerala. ABC Cargo and Courier has been active on the ground since the project was announced. All the branches of the department were very busy.

Over a few days, more than 80,000 kgs of relief materials were collected at various branches of ABC.

The ABC Cargo Managing Director, Dr Sharif Abdul Qadir expressed his gratitude and announced that the service is cost-free.

Abc Courier companies in dubai

HQ: Opposite Al Quoz Mall, Al Quoz
United Arab Emirates
Tel : 04 3332378
Mob : 056 5395358

Address these issues before you choose a courier service

ABCCargo Courier Service

Sending a package overseas or domestically is an activity we all are inclined to do at some point in our lives. This is particularly relevant in this day and age when transportation has become so easy and fast thanks to flights, ships and cargo trucks. However, you can still get stumped by some courier services that are so unprofessional that it provokes you to think deeper when you go about hiring one. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before you hone on to an agency to make the delivery for you.

Do they appear to be professionals?

A courier service that is well-established and has a marked presence in the domestic and international sector will have a professional demeanor. They will have a well-equipped website with details of their services and a dedicated customer support team that helps you with general or specific queries. Professionalism is a virtue that does not need to be demonstrated, rather it can be easily gauged if you look closely enough.

Do they have a warehouse?

abccargo warehouse courier service
A courier company that has its own dedicated warehouse is sure to have control and security over the packages and cargo items since they have the space to house them. Moreover, you can rest assured that your parcel is safe until it leaves the warehouse.

Does the company offer tracking services?

Anyone who sends a package would obviously be interested in knowing about its whereabouts. You may want to check in on the progress of your package and whether the estimated delivery date is being compromised. A great courier service always provides tracking details once the package leaves the warehouse.

Do they appear legitimately qualified?

It’s a fact that not all courier services are born equal. Some are certainly better than the others. An established company will have a dynamic team, the right resources and also the skill to handle all delivery-related issues. Moreover, they will also have the expertise to handle packages based on specific aspects like size, value etc.

Do they simplify the process?

If you get a headache every time you deal with your courier company, its time to review your choice and latch on to a more professional company. Reputed courier service companies make the process simplified for their customers. All you have to do is to tell them your needs and expected delivery timeframe. Presto! That’s it. You wont even have to make a trip to the company since they can collect your package right from your doorstep.


Here is why you should choose a reputed courier company abccargo for air cargo services

When you choose to send a shipment or package by air, you stand to gain an array of benefits. However, choosing a reputed air cargo services can have a significant influence on your experience. Established courier companies such as abccargo have the expertise and experience to handle your delivery needs as you desire. When you select the nearest cargo service that comes equipped with several convenient services, the process involved will be streamlined and glitch-free.

air cargo services

Dependable services


When you choose a courier service like abccargo, you choose professionalism. Established cargo services are always on the job and you can easily depend on their freight division. Your nearest cargo service works every day to lend your needs the importance they deserve. You can be assured of services that are at par with the best in the industry.


Various options for shipping


Your shipping needs may be dictated by the type of consignment that you wish to dispatch. Courier services such as abccargo can handle a wide range of packages ranging from small documents to household goods. Your nearest cargo service can handle just about anything when it comes to employing air cargo services as your preferred choice. This is especially relevant if you have an eye on the budget since ABC cargo provides great services at affordable rates.

Door to door service


One of the most prominent features of reputed courier services like abccargo is that they provide door to door service. Thus, you do not need to drop in at the nearest cargo company in order to drop your consignment. The courier company send its representative to pick up the package or consignment from your doorstep. This service from abccargo can go a long way in saving your valuable time and effort.

Tracking details


Every courier company that is worth its salt will provide you with tracking details once your shipment has been dispatched. At ABC Cargo, you can be assured that you can track the progress of your through every stage of its journey thus lending you peace of mind, in addition to knowing when the package arrives at the final destination. Head to your nearest cargo company and get attractive benefits at low costs.


What to expect from a top-notch courier service abccargo

The services that reputed courier companies provide are often underscored by quality and efficiency of deliver, among other aspects. Not only would they provide on-time deliveries but also ensure that your package or cargo reaches its destination in pristine condition. When you employ the services of a courier service, you can expect them to demonstrate a few characteristics that would reign high among your expectations. There are a few factors that you can expect from a professional courier company that has a solid reputation.

Excellent moving and relocation services


Regardless of whether you are moving as part of a job change or due to personal reasons, a reputed courier and cargo company will make your move that much easier. They may even offer services like packing of your goods, free pick-up services, and customs clearance in case of international relocations, among others. Thus, you can leave important aspects of your move to the professionals while you can focus on other pressing needs.

ABC Cargo services

A slew of services


Several courier companies, especially the small ones or the ones that have a lack of experience are pretty restricted when it comes to the array of goods that they have the capacity to dispatch. A reputed courier company will retain the ability to ship just about anything, from household goods to even cars and makes sure that everything arrives at the specified destination intact.

Affordable rates for great services


Established courier companies do not always put across a massive quote, as you might be inclined to think. Some reputed companies offer low rates for quality services. Moreover, if you regularly patronise a company, they may offer you discounts and offers periodically in order to retain you as a valuable customer.

Customer care that really cares


Well established courier companies have in place an excellent customer support team that goes to great lengths to keep customers well informed. Not only will they assist you with your queries but will also address your concerns about a shipment that is in transit. For a reputed courier company, the customer is the topmost priority as is reflected in their practices.


SMEs can take advantage of air freight shipping

Small businesses sometimes take several measures and initiatives to develop, market and sustain their brand name. One way of doing this is to offer viable services to international customers. Roping in the right courier service may be instrumental in pushing forward your objectives when it comes to developing your brand.


Use freight services to further business goals

air freight shipping -abccargoMost of you may naturally come to the assumption that employing air freight shipping for product orders or samples is invariably an expensive proposition. Somehow, the thought is that only large and established companies can afford the service. However, nothing could be further from the fact. With more and more courier services offering affordable rates for delivery, reigning in freight services may not be as cost-heavy as you think. Moreover, it will also lend you a distinct edge in the market.


Quick pace of delivery


A cargo plane or a commercial jet can take your package and drop it in any part of the world on the same day. Moreover, some reputed courier companies have active collaborations with other courier companies so as to diversify their network and services. Thus, you can ensure that your customers receive their products within a matter of mere days instead of waiting for it for weeks.

Warehouse costs can be avoided


Often, the prospect of holding your goods in a warehouse, harbor or port while awaiting dispatch can set you back by a few thousand dirhams. To avoid this, you can send your smaller orders through freight shipping thus carrying out time sensitive dispatches effectively. This is particularly relevant to small orders. The costs involved in air freight have considerably diminished over the years and if this is an option that did not strike you before, now is the time to give it a shot.



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