Your courier company can make international relocation fairly simple


Thinking of relocating internationally is not exactly a simple and straightforward proposition, not to mention that you are leaving a familiar way of life behind to explore greener yet unchartered pastures. Moreover, this is not a job that you can do all by yourself, especially if you are moving hook, line and sinker. International relocation needs professional expertise and this is where the role of a reputed courier company comes into play. However, when you are looking out for a suitable courier company, you may want to take a few factors into consideration.

Are there any restrictions on size?

When you are relocating to a new international destination, you may need to enlist the services of a courier company to ship large items like cars, furniture, and other such large-dimensioned stuff. In such a scenario, it would be prudent to ensure that the courier company you hire can adequately deal with the delivery of large goods. It may be a futile exercise to find out that the courier company is ill-equipped to deal with large sized items after you have signed up for their services. Reputed courier companies can handle goods of all sizes and volumes.

Are there any hidden charges lurking beneath?

Some courier companies may stump you with “hidden charges” after you have signed up with them. In such a situation, you would have no choice but to cough up a few extra bucks. For instance, some unreliable courier companies don’t add fuel charges to the original estimated amount. Others may charge for things like extra packaging material and various other unforeseen aspects. A reputed courier company will give you an estimate that includes everything from fuel to packaging so you can be assured that you don’t run into any cleverly disguised “hidden charges”.

What is the quality of services?

When you hire the services of a courier company, quality should be the most foremost aspect to consider. You can also check if the courier company in question has an ISO certification. This is nothing but an International Organization of Standardization that is essentially an indicator of the standards that the company demonstrates. Thus, when you choose a courier company with ISO certification, you can ensure that the services will be of the highest quality and reflects safety and reliability, thus ensuring seamless delivery.

Consider these 3 factors when you are shipping internationally

If you have ever send a package overseas, you probably have an idea about how complicated it can get sometimes, especially if you are dealing with a courier company that offers services that can at best be termed ‘shoddy’. Moreover, international shipments need to be carefully carried out since cross-border transportations can potentially run into unforeseen hurdles and challenges. However, you can considerably lower the chances of things going wrong if you go through a reputable courier company. Therefore, you need to rope in a reliable and dependable courier company to carry out your international deliveries. An experienced company will have adequate expertise in dealing with international protocol in terms of the various aspects related to delivery and are well acquainted with the procedures in question.

Great services backed by guarantees

If you hire a well-established courier company to carry out your international deliveries, be assured that not only will your delivery be mostly glitch-free, but will also come with back-ups like a money back guarantee in case things go awry. Moreover, the courier company will pick up the packages from your doorstep or business establishment and then make sure that the goods reach its destination safely. A courier company that sets high standards will offer your money back if it fails to keep up with the same. This is a strategy that keeps the clients happy thus retaining their trust in the long run.

No fear about dreaded customs clearances

A renowned courier company has a strong presence in the sector for a reason. This is because they are well versed with the parlance of international delivery and are familiar with the various facets that are involved in the same. Of course, this would inevitably mean that you will have to essentially deal with some minor paperwork putting your signatures on some vital spots on the documents, but the company handles a major fraction of the work. This is especially useful for companies who send out multiple international deliveries since they don’t want to waste their valuable time pondering over paperwork that can be easily handled by the courier company.

Great services at reasonable prices

International shipping WILL entail some inflated costs. This is unavoidable and may escalate in accordance with the continent or region that you want to send the package to. However, it is still possible to hone on to a courier company that is willing to undertake your delivery at a realistic price. Since courier companies know that satisfied customers are synonymous with enduring business, they will do their best to give the client a reasonable quote.

Does your courier company provide warehouse and distribution services?


Starting a business is no child’s play. It takes concerted motivation, streamlined determination and an extreme level of focus. However, sustaining and promoting your business becomes an even more complicated proposition, considering the market risks involved and the looming possibility that some unforeseen development may dent your business goals. Your business grows when your services and products are sought after and your clientele steadily grows. Thus, you have got to make amends for increasing demands which is why you need a reputed courier company to support you in your objectives. Courier companies provide warehouse and distribution services that enable you to store goods and products while they are waiting to be dispatched.

What exactly does this service entail?

Courier companies own massive warehouses that can be conveniently utilized by businesses to store their goods. Moreover, you can also allocate a timeframe for when the products or goods need to be dispatched to their destinations and this is where the aspect of distribution comes into play. These services form a significant part of a company that wants to make sure that the products reach customers without delay and in perfect condition. When hiring the services of a courier company for storing your goods and carrying out subsequent deliveries, make sure that they are well-equipped to handle your expected needs.

How does this service help?

The primary goals of hiring a courier company to provide you services of warehouses and distribution is to lend a decline to the inventory, reducing the overall costs and also to enhance the various aspects of customer satisfaction. Businesses and companies can stock their goods at the warehouses so that they are able to meet customer demands as they arise. There is another benefit to stocking your goods in the warehouse. In case the transportation is delayed by exigent circumstances or the goods have been damaged, you can always rely on the stocks safely housed in the warehouse, thus fulfilling the expected order.

Where do you get the best service?

It is no mean feat to find a courier company that is compatible with your needs when it comes to warehouse and distribution. However, a little check and gauging reviews can narrow down your search to hone on to a courier company that will be just right. You need to find a reputed courier company that will store your products appropriately and at the same time retain the capability to carry out timely deliveries.

Boost your business with the right courier company


Entrepreneurship has become the order of the day. Whether you are initiating a start-up or have a flourishing business, it is important to have additional support elements that help in fostering and sustaining your business. Its essential to rein in the services of a renowned courier company in order to ensure that your business survives and thrives in a highly competitive scenario. Every business needs to retain the services of a courier company to carry our important deliveries.

Why does your business need a reputed courier company?

When you are running a business, you will invariably need to send packages or goods to various domestic and international destinations. Accordingly, you may need services like Express Package Delivery that ease the delivery process, making it reliable, rapid and highly dependable. The goods that you send are packaged appropriately and the delivery process is closely monitored at every step. Moreover, if your delivery is international, the courier company will handle all related aspects like tax, duties, customs clearance etc.

A boost to international trade

In contemporary times, businesses and companies have increasingly come to rely on reputed courier companies to carry out time-sensitive deliveries and to deliver products in sync with emerging market needs. In such a situation, is it any wonder that courier companies have a significant role to play in maintaining and promoting the objectives of world trade. If you do not have the backup of a reliable courier company, you could lose out on investments and incur losses in the export sector. Thus, it would not be an overstatement to say that courier companies help in enhancing the competence of your business.

Reap investments and trigger productivity

A courier company that offers express service goes a long way in optimizing the operations and efficiency of businesses. They help in avoiding unpredictable shutdowns, boost production and make conditions conducive to implementing strategic international techniques. A great courier company is also instrumental in reducing the costs involved in inventory. With regard to small businesses, courier companies lend quick deliveries and improve the quality of services, thus enabling them to be proactive in the export domain.

Courier companies provide seamless delivery services worldwide


In contemporary times, it has become more the norm than the exception to utilize the services of a courier service company to carry out your delivery related needs, regardless of whether it is in context of domestic or international sectors. If you have ever dealt with a reputed cargo company, you will be well acquainted with the fact that they handle your packages in an efficient and streamlined manner. They handle packages as compact as documents to the ones that encompass larger dimensions like household goods or your travel bags

A slew of customer-oriented services

Reputed and well-established courier companies offer a vast range of services in order to retain a large clientele and attract more and more customers. They offer innovative services that include packing your goods, picking up the package from your doorstep, shipping household items, and even offer their warehouses to keep your goods safe till they can be shipped or relocated.

Reliable and cost-effective options at your fingertips

Courier companies are known to offer their customers several options in terms of delivery services. These may vary in accordance with your needs, your budget, if the package is time-sensitive or even if you have specific expectations. Moreover, they will ensure that your package gets to its destination within the estimated timeframe, in addition to catering to the aspects of visibility by providing tracking details. What’s more, they will also have an extensive network that will include destinations across the world.

Fruitful partnerships

Some courier companies have proactive collaborations or vibrant partnerships with other companies in order to boost network connectivity. They have tie-ups with other courier companies like DHL or FedEx, thus ushering in share code agreements that boost the quality and quotient of services. This is sometimes incredibly prudent if the company in question does not deal with a particular destination, but its partner company does.

Various methods of transport

Your shipments or packages can be sent through a variety of modes. These include land, air, or road transport. Your choice of the type of transport would be dictated by your distinct needs. For instance, do you want the package to reach its destination within a certain timeframe or is this aspect irrelevant? Is the package too big to be sent by road, which means that you would have to look at the option of shipping or air freight. Whatever be your needs, your preferred courier company would be at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Effective delivery at affordable rates may not be so hard to find

Regardless of whether you are sending a gift to your friend who lives abroad or are sending valuable documents to a university, you need to employ the services of a courier company that lends efficient delivery coupled with affordable and realistic rates that are commensurate with the quality of services on offer. It’s a fact that a major fraction of people who retain the services of a courier company focus primarily on the costs involved, but its important to check if the rates are practical. Here is how you can go about doing that.

Reviewing costs

Most people succumb to the temptation of going for the lowest price. But this could prove to be a huge mistake in the long run. Even though you want prices that are deemed to be reasonable, you have to consider the entire package through a prudent prism. Would it be preferable for you to pay Dh20 and have no benefits, insurance, tracking details and in fact no assurance at all that your package will be delivered safely or would you rather shell out a few more bucks in order to ensure that the services you receive are impeccable? Spending a few additional bucks will get you benefits plus the assurance that the delivery will be carried out in a professional manner.

Money back guarantees

Did you know that some reputed courier companies even have a money-back guarantee in case your delivery fails to make it within the specified timeframe or is considerably delayed? This is a fair way to ensure that in case you are dissatisfied with the services offered by the courier service, you get your money back. Usually, this does not happen with reputed companies since they offer the money-back offer based on their level of competency and confidence of getting the job done. In the rare case that they fail, the company may even offer you discounts and special offers for the future in a bid to retain you as a client.

Quality of service

When it comes to the services offered by courier companies, there are several factors that you must take into account. For instance, explore their professionalism. Do they have a dedicated customer support team who respond to queries and complaints instantly? Does the customer support team talk in a respectful manner and address your concerns courteously? Call them personally and you will get insights into how the team functions. Another aspect to consider is if the rates are in sync with the quality of services provided by the courier company. Some reputable companies will indicate a definitive timeframe within which your delivery will be completed.

Benefits of shipping your travel bags


How many times have we waited at the luggable claims belt for an extended period of time looking out for that one particular piece of baggage? The sheer joy of spotting the baggage is reflective of your desire to get out of the airport as soon as possible and be on your way. Then there is that category of unfortunate travelers who succumb to the scourge that is “lost baggage”. Even though losing your baggage is something that does not frequently happen, the possibility of it occurring always looms large. How easy would it be to avoid all these hassles and have a way of bypassing the curse of checked-in luggage. This could be applicable regardless of whether you are embarking upon a plane journey, a road trip or even a sojourn on a long-distance train. Here are the benefits if you choose a courier company to deliver your bags instead of lugging them along.

Save your valuable time

You can arrive at the airport relatively late if you have no bags to check in. Moreover, sometimes if you are transiting between destinations on different airlines, then your baggage will not get a through check-in. Thus you will have to collect your bags once again at the transit destination and then proceed on. If your bags are shipped through a reliable courier company, this will not be an issue, not to mention the time you will save by not hovering around the baggage claims belt at the end of your journey.

Carry as much baggage as you want

How many times do you end up coughing up valuable Dirhams just because your baggage crosses the prescribed limit? Yes, you want to go on a trip and you want to carry all your favorite things. Why not just use a fraction of the cost that you will pay the airline to utilize a courier company to deliver your bags to the destination?

Save your precious baggage

Aaah! The pain of watching your coveted piece of luggage emerging from the baggage belt with a few dents and unsightly markings may make you shed a few tears. It may be the pink suitcase that has always been your favorite or a bag that has been gifted by someone special. Airlines have a notoriety for mishandling baggage, but you can avoid this scenario by shipping your bags. A reputed courier company will ensure that your bags reach their destination in top condition. Moreover, you can also avoid a situation where the airline potentially loses your bags.

What to know when you use air freight services


Sometimes we all need to send a package that would entail roping in the services of a courier service company that provides air freight services. It could be a small package that you want to send as a gift to a dear friend who lives abroad or it could be a large cargo that needs to be sent to a destination overseas. Whatever be the reason, it is essential that you hire a courier service that carries out the delivery in an efficient, reliable and affordable manner. With the existence of so many courier companies, sometimes it can be a hassle to choose one that takes your priorities into account. This is why it is important to carry out a thorough research that would take several factors into account.

A company that addresses your specific needs

The courier company that you choose should be dictated by the type of package that you mean to send. While some companies wield the expertise at carrying out minor deliveries like small packages or simple envelopes that contain documents, others retain the experience to handle cargo and large packages. Moreover, its important to check if the courier company is adept at handling the kind of item that you want delivered. For instance, if you intend to ship hazardous liquids, you may need to employ shipping or land based transportation services. Also make sure that the company you choose is familiar with customs and their specific regulations.

Is the company a seasoned one?

Some companies have vast experience in the domain of air freight, while others may only be recently exploring the sector. The fact is that the seasoned companies would obviously be proficient in handling your delivery expectations since they understand the various intricacies of the job and may sometimes even pick up your items and pack them in an appropriate manner. Thus, you can avoid all the little jitters and be assured that your package is in safe hands.

Network of services

Regardless of whether you are in the UAE or anywhere else in the world, when you are thinking of sending a package by air freight, make sure that they have adequate reach across the globe. Some courier companies may be restricted to the Middle Eastern region while others may have a comprehensive network that is spread across the globe. The courier services that have a wide global reach may predictably have better services since they deal with air freight packages on a regular basis. A company that is reliable will handle your packages in a professional manner as opposed to the disdain displayed by less competent courier services.

Here is what to know about the various types of courier services


If you are new to sending a package to a domestic or international destination, you may be inclined to wonder about the different types of services that courier services offer in terms of methods, timeframes etc. Knowing a few fundamental things about courier services will help you narrow down the choices when it comes to your specific delivery requirements.

Standard services

This is the most basic of services that a courier company offers. It usually involves collection of your package. The courier company then sorts the packages and dispatches them to a depot that falls in the vicinity of the delivery location or is nearest to it. The timeframe for standard deliveries is usually a few days and accordingly, this option is also predictably the most affordable.

Overnight services

This option essentially mimics the standard service with a few frills. This sort of delivery takes place the next day after it has been handed over. You can choose this option for packages that are time-sensitive or need to reach someone within a specific time period.

Express services

As the name clearly indicates, such deliveries happen on the same day. Though this service can be an expensive proposition, it can be availed when you need to send a package urgently. Considering that your package is delivered the same day, the costs involved need not be viewed through a negative prism. In case you want to avoid delays, this option would be the one to go for.

International services

If you wish to send a package to an international destination, modern methods of delivery can make it a fairly simple process. Depending on where you want to send the package, you can choose a courier service that operates or has suitable tie-ups in the destination country. Also ensuring that the company you choose is reputed will have a positive impact on factors like customs and port clearance.

Ask yourself these questions before you choose a courier service


Sending a package overseas or domestically is an activity we all are inclined to do at some point in our lives. This is particularly relevant in this day and age when transportation has become so easy and fast thanks to flights, ships and cargo trucks. However, you can still get stumped by some courier services that are so unprofessional that it provokes you to think deeper when you go about hiring one. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before you hone on to an agency to make the delivery for you.

Do they appear to be professionals?

A courier service that is well-established and has a marked presence in the domestic and international sector will have a professional demeanor. They will have a well-equipped website with details of their services and a dedicated customer support team that helps you with general or specific queries. Professionalism is a virtue that does not need to be demonstrated, rather it can be easily gauged if you look closely enough.

Do they have a warehouse?

A courier company that has its own dedicated warehouse is sure to have control and security over the packages and cargo items since they have the space to house them. Moreover, you can rest assured that your parcel is safe until it leaves the warehouse.

Does the company offer tracking services?

Anyone who sends a package would obviously be interested in knowing about its whereabouts. You may want to check in on the progress of your package and whether the estimated delivery date is being compromised. A great courier service always provides tracking details once the package leaves the warehouse.

Do they appear legitimately qualified?

It’s a fact that not all courier services are born equal. Some are certainly better than the others. An established company will have a dynamic team, the right resources and also the skill to handle all delivery-related issues. Moreover, they will also have the expertise to handle packages based on specific aspects like size, value etc.

Do they simplify the process?

If you get a headache every time you deal with your courier company, its time to review your choice and latch on to a more professional company. Reputed courier service companies make the process simplified for their customers. All you have to do is to tell them your needs and expected delivery timeframe. Presto! That’s it. You wont even have to make a trip to the company since they can collect your package right from your doorstep.


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