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ABC Cargo Customer Satisfaction Index

ABC Cargo, a door to door cargo service company in Dubai has every essential service that you would demand for a shipping and logistics company under a single umbrella. Transportation, freight, customs clearance, and documentation benefits are the quick takeaways from ABC Cargo.

The packing services are adept with professional packing which safeguards your delicate shipment. Our professionally equipped packers will work ardently to meet your demand irrespective of large or small cargo packing.

Now, ABC Cargo gives additional benefits in terms of protecting your pack with cargo insurance. Since it comes as a need of the hour for particularly those individuals who transport bulk quantities of goods.

The mission is to deliver your cargo to the exact destination on time which makes them a great cargo partner. No matter if it is a large or small consignment, ABC Cargo works to deliver excellent quality.

But with COVID-19 taking over we have been a bit laid back lately when it comes to proper scheduling and timely delivery. The Covid 19 restrictions have gone heavy on all shipment and logistic industries, including ABC Cargo with continuous checking and rerouting due to containment zones and lockdowns.

For easing the customer support trials, ABC Cargo employs a help ticket system to serve the customers better. Each support request is given a ticket number which they can use to follow the tracking and progress online. We give total archives and history of all the help demands. All they need is a valid email address to submit a ticket.

We have a customer satisfaction index of 10% with 22 resolved queries and 10 pending queries while 208 remains unresolved which we are trying to tackle with our best efforts.

An active customer support process is in complete processing and with subdued Covid 19 wave things will get better soon!

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