ABC Cargo Deira Reviews

If you are seeking the speediest option to send your packages, excess baggage, luggage, cargo to India. ABC Cargo is the right service for you

ABC Cargo and Courier provides International standards from straight Dubai to India and delivers whatever you want to. We also deal with commercial packing with pick-up solutions from anywhere in UAE

ABC Cargo Deira Reviews

Was a wonderful experience with the Customer care team, especially Mr. Hafeez had helped me a lot. My cargo reached on time and safely.


Customer Service is very bad ASHX22064 is my reference number the onlie tracking system is not working and call center is not giving proper reply Please refer attached screenshot cargo status upstaed on 27 Sep today is 7 Oct Please refer attached screenshot cargo status upstaed on 27 Sep today is 19 Oct

Ansar Ali

They are thieves and nothing else. I paid 3200 dirhams to ship 8 boxes to Uk and when the boxes arrived most of my goods were broken to peaces and when i complained they asked me to prove that i purchased those goods which is crazy as they were mine and they didnt ask for proof of purchase when they collected the goods. Absolute fraud and unprofessional behaviour. I wouldn’t trust them with a dirham ever. . Please stay away from them as they will take ur money destroy your goods and then ask gou to prove that you bought those things and not stole them. I am fuming with all the loss i had to incur. Please please do not go near them if you want your goods to be saved and so do your money.

Zee Ban

Very bad service they give if there is possible zero star below is okay for abc cargo there website always crashed and while call on naif office no there is no reply from the abc cargo and they are big liars. .. They just want booking while booking they will tell you it will take 10 days actually it takes a month to reached the parcel

sadik solanki

Don’t use this cargo you will never get on time and your cargo will missing Very bad service. Parcel not reached on time and very bad situation they take my stuff out before reach home. Kindly don’t send cargo with this company when you claim they will give many excuses see the pictures how they do smartly


ABC Cargo Ajman Reviews 2021

ABC Cargo Ajman Services provide you with the best international cargo service at the cheapest rate in the market from UAE to all over India. 

ABC Cargo Ajman Reviews

Honestly the best service ever. I stayed at the Fairmont ajman hotel and with only few hours left to travel back to london I realised that my buggage allowance was not enough. I WhatsApp messaged ABC cargo ajman and within minutes the guys came and wrapped all my stuff up and took it away. Few days later I received my goods. The price was reasonable too. I will be using them again in 6 months time when I go back… honestly the best service ever! I highly recommend them.

Thank you ABC cargo! Noroon Miah

Very prompt service and efficient pickup!! Rest will come to know when cargo arrives in India .best cargo to India.

Very professional people to work with. Shifting was done very professionally without any damages. Would definitely recommend to others.

Unny Dhanesan

Hell service worst service ever I had Getting my package too much late Today onwards not going to send any parcels through ABC cargo Very worst service


Great service guys, my second consignment also reached my address in perfect shape. I do request not to spread hate news among public about a company, my cargo reached late by 8 days but it was intimated to me upon enquiry. Such is the season and such are the circumstances as the customs department is really strict these days with the clearance issue. Hoping to be associated soon for another consignment.

justin pereira

Appreciate the good response from the desk for tracking my courier. kudos to a professional approach to job. Even though received the cargo late by a few days, we appreciate your efforts

Surveillance Hesel

ABC Cargo Abu Dhabi Reviews 2021

ABC Cargo Abu Dhabi Reviews | Totally Recommended – cargo to India

Trustworthy and efficient! Our cargo was delivered in perfect condition on the right time. Thank you, ABC!


Great & Exceptional service from booking till delivery on time and very professional, Totally recommended

SriHarsha Tatineni (Bapu)

Sent an air cargo last month. Credit where it’s due – cargo reached on time. However, so many things reached damaged including cooking utensils completely dented. To dent metal, the handling would have had to have been so bad. Glass items shattered and mugs broken. I sent a whatsapp message to the contact. No response, no acknowledgment, nothing. Would not recommend.

K Vee

I had very bad experience from Abu Dhabi ABC cargo. My husband was already shifted to India and Ibooked air cargo on 14th august . Packers made me fool with extra KG’s . I had to travel India same day on 14th aug.I did courier for clothes , kids toys and kitchen crockery and steel utensils and some basic otherstuff. I had idea it will be maximum 70/80 KG’s. Before packing start, I showed them everything and asked how many KG’s it would be??They said madam it’s maximum 100 KG’s. I said okay than I tell them to start packing. After packing everything, I asked how many KG’s . They said it’s 253 kg. It was really shocking for me and was not able to decided anything at last moment , I had to catch my flight too. Finally I paid them for 253 kg as had no alternate option. I received my cargo after a month and when I opened there were lots of damages in kitchen stuff. They did special bubble packing for crockery and everything was broken in pack, I immediately informed them with pics . Now since 16th august till 1st September they were playing mail to mail and was asking for some docket number and POD . I had shared courier receipt as POD. And finally after 2 weeks they sent mail that insurance company has rejected ur claim. It’s is not covered. ABC is totally unreliable cargo company. I would never suggest to anybody for ABC cargo. They charge for special packing and insurance but at the time of claim they do not accept anything.

Saint Kumar Rai

The worst and unprofessional service cargo. they are not giving any value for customers. its been 9monts I sent cargo. but it not yet reach my home. the worst and worst serve. guys please don’t go for this cargo. totally frustrating service. if we call customer service, they behave like we are asking for their stuffs. not giving any value for customers and their money.. again and again the uttermost worst service ever.

surabhi lekshmi

ABC Cargo Facebook Reviews

Good service my stuff delivered in safe condition I highly recommended to my all friends


Hi, I am Muhammad from India. By using ABC Cargo first time I feel very happy with this service and its collaborative team.


Picked up my parcel from UAE and delivered it safely to India at my door address on time. Excellent service – recommend using again.


No reservations at all. ABC Cargo company is simply reliable to send goods to Sharjah from Kerala. 100% recommended

ABC Cargo Whatsapp reviews

Abc cargo facebook reviews


Very unprofessional and poor service. I had sent my cargo to India and it’s been more than three months my cargo is not delivered. I would not recommend anyone to use their service.

Francis Praveen Pereira

Had a very pleasant experience with ABC. I’m definitely gonna be regular customer of ABC. Good Response from the Customer service also .

athul tom joseph

Hi all, I sent one cargo on December month from Burdubai branch and a lady named saranya was very rude with me. She don’t know proper English and how to talk with the customers. She always say that whatever you want to do, just do that. we will see. Is this the attitude she wants to show to the customers like us who are suffering in getting the cargo from past 7 months? Very worst lady ever seen in my life. ABC Cargo Manager should remove such arrogant ladies first. please dont go with ABC guys.

ABC Management, my cargo (ABDR14818) was booked on 21st December 2020 (its 2020 pls read carefully) .. Today (12-July-21) 201 days Completed !! Total 201 Whole days completed .. !! Still getting excuses !! No sign for delivery !! Superb Guys !! What a company .. what a management .. What a service !!

Sahubar Sathik

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ABC Cargo Complaints & Contacts

Welcome to ABC Help & Support

For simplifying customer support activities, ABC Cargo uses a help ticket system to serve our customers better. Each support request is given a ticket number which they can use to follow the tracking and progress online. Submit your complaints at: ABC cargo complaints

ABC Cargo Complaints

The service was the lowest price, less than half of the cost of using ABC Cargo. It was picked up from my house within an hour of booking online by a friendly courier and delivered speedily to the recipient in India.


Great service. The parcel was collected and delivered well within the timescales and the tracking made it easy to follow.


After having “failed collections” for a week for this parcel from Parcel2Go, I am so very pleased with My Parcel Delivery for their prompt and reliable service. Thank you!

Sarath Das

Recent Complaints

ABC Management, my cargo (ABDR14818) was booked on 21st December 2020 (its 2020 pls read carefully) .. Today (12-July-21) 201 days Completed !! Total 201 Whole days completed .. !! Still getting excuses !! No sign for delivery !! Superb Guys !! What a company .. what a management .. What a service !!

Sahubar Sathik

Don’t book from this store, go with some other Cargo service. They will charge you for Air and deliver you in 2 months. They will promise you for 25 days delivery and send the parcel in 2 months and that too after you following up every day with them, else it may take even 3 months. So pls don’t choose this cargo. And I am not writing this after my first experience. I’m writing this after I suffered twice. First time I thought it was just some genuine issue, but then this is their standard way of service. So pls don’t use this cargo. Especially if you are not going to Deliver to Kerala. All parts of India except Kerala you should never send your parcel using ABC Cargo or Air or Ship.

mohd ashfaq

How to Choose the Best International Shipping Company for your Business?

Choosing the right shipping company for your business is crucial and is based on a set of deciding factors. With a set of key factors on focus, the hunt for an ideal shipping company can be tiring! 

We need to actively keep a check on how well the packaging, warehousing, security as well as proper loading and unloading, and most importantly timeliness of delivery has been carried out by the shipping company. 

Let us lookout for the essential features that are necessary for the best international shipping company to be the perfect shipping partner for your business:

Save yourself from hidden charges

With ABC Cargo at your service, you can be assured of a transparent billing process. There will be no additional hidden charges like insurance payments, tax payments, etc. After settling all the initial payments, the hidden charges may appear to be inappropriate for you.

Clear terms and conditions

While a shipment is in progress, it should be made clear that the process remains transparent to the clients and there remains no opacity in the charges. The policies and conditions should be shared with the clients beforehand and all their queries should be satisfactorily resolved to ensure a promising customer relationship. With ABC Cargo, professionalism is the priority and we make every effort to deliver a transparent and accountable shipment.

Assurance of safety of your cargo

Not every shipping company can be trusted to provide safe disposal of your cargo. But ABC Cargo makes sure that the shipment has been safely delivered at the right destination, at the right time.

Professional Packaging

Good international shipping companies like ABC Cargo will provide you with safe and secure package services that are done by professional packers in quality moving boxes. The shipment should remain safe and intact throughout the journey and we assure you that with safe, secure, and professional packaging.


While choosing an international carrier for your business, you should have a clear and concise understanding of the overall charges and pricing plan. Don’t fall out for shipping companies that tend to give you close to unbelievable offers, since there will be a lot of hidden charges at the backend. But ABC Cargo has a standard pricing plan which is quite affordable and worth the price.

Prompt delivery

How well the shipping company executes and manages the delivery process is a matter of significance. Shipping companies that lay no compromise on timeliness and safety should be on the top of your list when it comes to your business needs. You can completely trust ABC Cargo to serve your purpose with tact and excellence.

Paper Clearance

Especially at a point when you are shipping internationally, the shipping company should be well aware and updated about the moving rules and regulations. ABC Cargo will take care of this smoothly and efficiently!

Contact ABC Cargo to be the perfect shipping partner for all your business needs. ABC Cargo has positively check-marked all the indicators in the checklist and will provide you with all the service listings mentioned above!

How to Respond to Customer Cargo Complaints

Customer complaints are unavoidable in any business, especially in cargo services. They don’t want to invest time in talking to you via phone in today’s scenario when reviews help them to show their disappointment. For a business, dealing with angry or dissatisfied customers is a key factor for winning their happiness. Perfect communication skill is important in such conflictual situations.

There are several ways for dealing with customer complaints like apologizing or blaming somebody. An understanding response from your side will make the customer happy and can earn their loyalty.  

Some effective ways to deal with cargo complaints from your customers are:  

Complaint board

ABC cargo complaints

A help ticket system is a major tool for simplifying the complaint procedure in the cargo industry. For each support request, provide them with a ticket number which they can use to follow the item tracking and monitor complaint progress online. The customer will get total archives and history of all the updates happening. With their valid email, they can submit a  complaint and request for a ticket number.

Turnaround Time

We live in the time of on-request and need to have a fast turnaround time. Your clients anticipate the same. Having a quick response attracts them to your business as well as can win their long-time loyalty too. React fast to your clients’ inquiries and criticism, particularly if it’s over social media where things move quicker than the speed of light. This will benefit especially for the international cargo service. 

 Listen to your customers

Customer care -cargo complaints

Troublesome clients are requesting to be heard. They have to realize that you are listening to their issues, and they need you to plan something productive to take care of their concerns. Enable them to talk and get their concern out in the open; at that point, communicate the issue back to them, just to explain.

Offer them a solution

After listening to their grievances, offer them a solution. This may rectify their misunderstanding or any concerns. Address their issues with a solution but remember, you hear them first. Let them talk about the complaint and after, suggest a solution. Moreover, ask their opinion: what would you be able to do to satisfy them? Their response to this inquiry will be the correct one, so figure out how to make it happen.

Identify the type of customer

Evaluate the messages through a selection of common standards and identify the type of customers like the following:

Humble customer: By and largely unwilling to converse with you. He wouldn’t like to be a burden, or he doesn’t think you’ll give it a second thought—in any case, it’s your duty to ask further to get to the core of exactly what’s wrong.

The Aggressive Customer. Straightforward and not shy about telling you what her thoughts are. Avoid reflecting this angry conduct, and rather respond with firm good manners that are pleasant however not agreeable.

Treat them with respect

Clients need to be treated with respect. The day you quit conversing with them like regular people is the day you lose contact and relevance. From that point onward, you start losing clients. However, it doesn’t mean you should behave like a caricature.  Be constantly helpful and genuine to the customers.

The majority of the cargo service in Dubai offer complaint boards for their customers to deal with their complaints on delivery. Yet, some customers prefer to talk to customer care using the cargo contact number. Sometimes you simply need to remember that not every customer can be satisfied. However, treating them with an empathic manner will do better for your business.

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