Are you Planning to Shift your Household Furniture back to your Hometown?

Are you shifting your base back to your hometown and have an entire housefull of appliances, furniture, lights, and fixtures to “get rid of”? How funny is that, isn’t it? You spent your last dime of budget and hours on home decor shops on busy streets and meticulously planned your interior design theme and handpicked all items to go inside your carpet area accordingly and restrictively, just to “get rid of”? 

You have lived and slept your entire life with these home accessories, which cover a part of your investment, and now you are going to settle for less just to be at peace with the “sold-out” criterion and start your journey to your next destination again to spend one more time on all that you have sold at half the price! 

Providers of Professional Cargo to India Services

Now, here’s a solution that can work wonders for you from ABC Cargo! ABC Cargo and Courier is a leading door-to-door cargo service provider in the UAE and other GCC countries, offering both local and international services. Thanks to their constant efforts and high-quality service, ABC Cargo is the number one cargo service in the UAE, with 22 branch offices that have a highly dedicated team and a GCC Representation Network.

With ABC Cargo, you can pack your entire house of essential and aesthetic items, label, pack, and move them to your doorstep in a short period of time, saving you from the rush hours! 

The packing and shipping services of ABC Cargo are undoubtedly the best in terms of proficiency and excellence. The best time-tested packing materials are profoundly employed by ABC Cargo to act as an extra layer of care for the untampered freight of your package. 

Shift your Households the Right Way! 

Forget about worrying about moving your house appliances and furniture while you relocate, and let professionals handle the rest! Shift your home hassle-free with the professional packers and movers of ABC Cargo and get access to safe and timely delivery! 

 Some handy tips to choose an international shipping company

ABC Cargo international shipping company

With the advent of technology, the internet and rapid modes of transport, the world has shrunk to the point where distance has become a minor aspect. Every destination is now within reach thanks to the inception of transport technologies that are advanced and sophisticated. Today, with courier companies such as ABC Cargo, reaching out to faraway destinations has become easy and hassle free. Thus, individuals and businesses can ship packages, products and goods to destinations regardless of their distance.


Choose the right courier partner


Cargo shipping to international destinations is a task that is fraught with potential glitches, which is why it is all the more important to choose a courier partner such as ABC Cargo that is well versed with the parlance of international shipping. Your nearest cargo company may not have the expertise or the experience to handle international shipping, which means that your consignment can run into unforeseen troubles. ABC Cargo on the other hand, carries out international shipping as a matter of routine and is therefore well acquainted with the nuances of the same. In the UAE, ABC Cargo has a reputation that is based on sound and dependable services, not to mention an extremely satisfied client base.


Affordable pricing


It often happens that you approach your nearest cargo company in order to find a quote that fits in with your budget. However, did you know that companies such as ABC Cargo offer a realistic pricing structure that is combined with a slew of great services? Yes, ABC Cargo quotes a price that is free of “hidden charges” that often surface when you sign a contract with a company. Discuss the price factor with your friendly nearest cargo company so that everything is upfront and transparent.

Quality with affordability

international shipping company abccargo

When you look for an international shipping partner, make sure that they combine affordability with services that score well on quality. Take ABC Cargo, for instance. The company combines its realistic pricing structure with services that are not just top-notch but also highly reliable. ABC Cargo makes sure that your consignment is taken care of right from when it leaves your doorstep and arrives at its destination. Moreover, the tracking details that the company provides  makes sure that you know where your package is during the entire course of transit. It is always prudent to hire a company such as ABC Cargo that takes on full responsibility for your package from packaging to final delivery.


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