7 Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Press Release: Dubai, October 4, 2019

Moving freight is a part of day  to day tasks for a wide array of industry divisions around the world. When moving cargo is a consistent activity, proper execution is an absolute necessity. One wrong move and the entire shipment could lose quality and strength – risking harm to your cargo. Staying away from the common shipping mistakes can surely make the cargo service the best in the competition. The greater part of these mistakes is not that big but rather the effect that they can cause can be distressing. Shipping companies in UAE, without much of a stretch, can keep away from these problems  only if they identify them in the first place. Identifying proof, however, is the harder part.

7 Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemIt is better to go through the following mistakes in order to reduce unwanted, organizational spends.

  1.     Improper packing

About half of the issues that emerge while shipping an item are a direct result of improper packing. In majority of the occasions, faulty packing is the reason behind product harm. When the item isn’t packed appropriately, there are chances it may get damaged while in delivery. Avoid unnecessary expenses by consulting with a packaging professional.

  1.     Understanding the regulations of the destination

Before you set delivery desires for the clients, look into if the bundle satisfies the essential necessities or guidelines, for example, certificates to prove the item’s nation of origin. If your cargo doesn’t meet the requirements for the destination, it may cause some delays or return of the freight.

  1.     Check for the shipment weight


Wrong shipment weight- a few associations might not have the proper cargo weight guidelines, which leads to estimated weights. Carriers have guaranteed scales at their terminals and will re-check shipments and attach a charge to the bill if the first estimation is wrong. So, check for the weight of the cargo before you send them.

  1.     Incorrect labeling

All labeling ought to be printed 2 inches high on different sides of the container and the top. Using a black wide tip marker, print your last name, the room, the containers go to, and a list of contents. Number every box and cross-reference it to a listing of the contents recorded on a home stock. Any special guidelines, for example, “keep upright” or “top load,” ought to be marked on each of the four sides.


  1.     Giving items instruction

Some cargo items are vulnerable to some sort of cargo like Air cargo. So, giving the clients the guidelines through social media would be good in order to give them awareness. While packing, they can avoid such items or pack separately for better cargo movement.


  1.     Right Insurance Coverage

Buy extra insurance to cover the full estimation of your cargo, particularly in case you’re shipping important or delicate things like antiques, work of art, or engines. Major courier services provide insurance that will protect the whole cargo package.


  1.     Keep tracking

If you are not keeping track of delivery supplies, then it will be extremely hard to ship out things to clients on time. Besides, by watching out the shipping supplies, you can successfully establish re-request points at the perfect time and ensure that your provisions stores are protected.

Almost all parcel services are taking maximum measures to protect the freight they are carrying. However, customers also need to ensure these above-mentioned things.  As a leading cargo, ABC Cargo will always take care of your couriers no matter where your destination is.   

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