Abc Cargo Genuine Reviews

Genuine Reviews

No 1 gcc company and Customer service exicutive also very supportive I highly recommend to my friends.

Genuine Reviews


I Sent cargo thru this ABC cargo service and we felt there is good service in sending suvh important Item…..Thanks to Sales person Mr.Gangadhar who Suggest this Cargo…Thank you

Anil Munna

Very Very bad service…I think those who are giving them 5 star seems their own staff only. Back-office staff is totally useless. They dont answer properly…they dont know whats going on and keep doing false promises. they promise my cargo will be delivered in 20-25 days but its been 35 days its still on the way and they dont know when it will deliver. My cargo was stuck in nearest warehouse with destination cargo partner. I have to self pcik up cargo so its not door to door service. ABC cargo dont have control once your cargo reach to destination country. They dont reimburse self pick up cost…They gave me real pain and I request everyone to avoid this company. They are very good in making fake promises dont get trapped…


Very very bad service. cargo is never delivered on time promised me 25 days its been 35 days and they operation staff keep giving you hopes and funny reasons …they dont have any clue or professionalism on work… its not door to door service..if your location is bit far they dont have capacity to deliver. so dont get trap in their schemes. I made 10 calls to abc cargo.. 2-3 personal visit to shop and 10+ calls to their destination courier partners to check status…no one knows whats going you think this much efforts are worth to use their service? They havent delivered my cargo from local ware house so I have to pick up manually which cost me additional 100 AED…So it not door to door service… I am still cursing myself why I opted for their service. and just found who gives them 5 * ratings seems their own staff…i wish i could have given minus 5 *


Bur Dubai office near Al Fahidi Souq, The person who was sitting 2nd chair from the entrance, he is not much professional way dealing Customers. Yesterday I went there with enquiry about Shipping charges, but he’s not responding positively. How can we send courier if they are keeping this kind of attitude to gust ? Don’t use this cargo

Sadique Hussain

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