ABC Cargo Good and Bad Reviews

abc cargo good reviews

Great service as always

Great service as always. I have been relying on Courier ABC for all my Courier needs for over a decade and they never let me down. Very Prompt and efficient. The prices are reasonable and moreover no tension delivery.


ABC Cargo has been the best in terms of timely delivery. I am so thankful that they right delivered the package before my cousin’s wedding.


I am so grateful for ABC Cargo for helping me with the document clearance of my shipment. It would have never been the same without them.


Since 12 years, I have been an avid customer of ABC Cargo and I have never faced disappointments in any terms. Their responsible and timely delivery is the best quality.


ABC Management, my cargo (ABDR14818) was booked on 21st December 2020. Today (09-May-21) 137days finished .. we really not understand what you people doing with my cargo. if not capable to deliver then pls process my refund. You people playing with our Hard earning money !! see my packing list all baby products only I sent all the items for my children.. as I said I spend around 4 months arrange this .. you people never understand .. how many mails.. how many calls still you required .. This is the way your 20 Years Experienced Company giving service to your customer If someone sends your parcel like this .. have you accept? Worst service. ! Don’t relay the positive reviews.. all are paid .. !! The reality is worst!

Sahubar Sathik

The worst Cargo service ever these guys are thugs they charge u for air cargo and promise to deliver the same maximum within 20 days and now its mire than 50 days no sign of the cargo… When we contacted the customer service the representatives have no answer they don’t respond back nor give u any clarification on why is the delay. Those reading my comments there are may others giving better service than ABC I would not recommend any one to send it through these people.

Nazhat Parveen

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