ABC Cargo World Cup Shootout Contest 2022

Press Release: Dubai, December 27, 2022

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GCC’s Best Cargo Company is celebrating this World Cup with passion. Mega contest offering a luxury car and daily prizes for match predictions

ABC cargo is Marking this world cup grandly with a prediction contest. The first world cup ever hosted by an Arab country, Qatar world cup has a lot of specialties. Qatar world cup was the first world cup to sell almost all the tickets soon after they opened the sale. Football fans from Middle Asia are on their toes with happiness since they can easily access the venues for the first time. This world cup has other specialties, too; two of the best footballers in history will not possibly play a FIFA tournament again. Yes, Legend Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will be playing the last world cup in Qatar. Both have millions of followers worldwide, and many will travel to Qatar to watch the last dance.

Many GCC Countries joined forces to make this even mightier UAE standing with Qatar throughout their preparation. Qatar welcomes football lovers, as does the Middle East.

ABC cargo, GCC’s number one cargo service, announced a contest to make the occasion merrier. It is very easy to join the contest by following a few steps. Firstly contestants need to download the My Abc app from the play store or App store. Then they will get a link to participate in the contest. Contestants need to predict the score lines of each match. The mega prize contest would be starting only from the pre-quarter stage. The Mega winner will be chosen by the number of predictions they made in the knockout games. If two or more persons are tied with the number of correct predictions there will be a lucky draw to follow and the winner will be announced after the finals. Daily match prediction results will be announced on all Fridays with the name of the winners. Only UAE residents are eligible for the contest.#ABCSHOOTOUT 2022

UAE residents are excited by hearing about this wonderful contest and waiting to grab their prizes. Cargo companies usually don’t come up with such contests, but ABC surprised the UAE residents again with this World cup gift.

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