Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight: Which One Is Better?

Air Freight

If you are in a point of uncertainty and are confused about which model to choose for your freight shipment, you are at the right place. Though pandemic has brought many challenges including price fluctuations and shipment delays, freight services are now coming back to normal. Anyhow, the choice of the mode of freight would depend upon your package size, weight, and content.

Airfreight, the best way for expedited shipping, may cost a lot more than ocean freight, but if you need the package in a short period of time, it is advised to choose air freight service over ocean freight service. Also, if you want to ship breakable items or electronics, air freight has better security than the latter. If the cost of shipping is less than 15-20% of the value of the goods, choose air freight as it is safer, quicker, and more reliable than ocean freight. This mode usually takes up to ten days. This includes holding hours at air terminals, routing and waiting for the accessible airplanes, and the time of procedures at the place of origin and the destination. Mishandling the products and chances of other damages to the products are also reduced because of the tight security and fast delivery. The chargeable weight for this mode usually determines the dimensional factor of 6,000 cubic centimeters for every kilogram. 

Airfreight: Advantages and Disadvantages

Air freights are now becoming more expensive as there are restrictions on passenger transport. Ocean freight is far cheaper and can transport large shipments. But anyhow, while air freight takes just days for delivery, ocean freight can take a week or few. Ocean freight is usually much slower than air, and customs issues and port holdups can sometimes cause additional delays too. The duration depends upon the distance and may range from just seven days to as long as 70 days. If you’re not in urgent need of the package, you can always choose ocean freight over the rest. Though it is a complicated process,  ocean freight is considered one of the most commonly used ways to transfer goods. Although, ocean shipments ensure safety as the ship’s designs can support the movement of hazardous or dangerous items safely and securely. For ocean cargo, the standard is 1,000 kilograms/cubic meter. For this mode, one cubic meter of payload with a load of 500 kilograms, can be multiple times more costly than sea cargo.

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