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  Hook up with the right courier service to ship your goods from the UAE


If you are looking to get your products, goods or packages delivered from the UAE to the GCC states, the MENA region or anywhere in the world, look for a reputed courier company that has a network that is capable of accommodating your needs.


Professionalism in delivery counts


Professional courier companies are always evolving and adding to their existing framework of services and destinations. Moreover, they would most certainly have tie-ups with other courier companies in case their network does not cover a particular destination or specific service. Well-established courier companies have the expertise and years of experience to back up their good name with great delivery services. They would have branches in major destinations across the globe, thus enabling them to provide viable services to individuals, businesses and emerging eCommerce entities.


Benefits of a reputed courier company


A courier company that makes tall promises but fails to deliver on them is certainly a sour pill to swallow. This is why it is all the most important to make a wise choice when you want to ship your goods from the UAE. Certain courier companies are so reputed that they become household names and provide delivery and logistical support that are well worth the money you spend. They offer services like door to door pick up, tracking details and sometimes even pack your goods for you. Moreover, they will have a user-friendly website that enables you make requests and additional enquiries online without having to visit their premises.

Compare, compare and compare when choosing a courier service


When you are thinking of sending a package from the UAE, you need to choose the courier company after you have done your homework. Whether you are shipping your package regionally or internationally, compare the services and rates that different courier companies offer and make a calculated decision in accordance with what you deem to be in sync with your requirements. Also make sure that the courier company is capable of delivering packages, regardless of their dimensions.


Deliver your goods globally at great prices

Every nation across the globe has a distinct kind of economy that is conducive for the production of certain types of goods and products. Thus, to meet the need of these products in every country, you may need to ship items across the globe, especially if you are a business owner. Moreover, when you are in charge of a business, you need to make sure that your customers are satisfied with speedy and reliable deliveries.


Amplify your business objectives


When you are able to fulfill your clients’ needs and meet their expectations, your business is bound to flourish. There are numerous courier service companies out there that promise efficient deliver coupled with great rates and services. Some of them are pure eyewash and you will realise this when you are left with a handful of angry, dissatisfied customers. This is why it is important to do your homework carefully before you hone on to a courier company that makes deliveries around the world.


Services that are reliant and cost-effective


Reputed courier companies offer many services in order to  maintain their clientele. Not only do they offer guaranteed deliveries within a specific timeframe, an aspect that may be indispensable for your business, but they also offer an array of other options that lend you peace of mind. Great courier companies insure your shipments in the rare case that they do get damaged or lost when in transit. Moreover, a professional courier company  will offer these services at realistic rates that will be at par or better than any other competitor in the sector. Outstanding customer service, door to door service and tracking are some of the other services that competent companies provide.


No holds barred approach


When you choose a courier company, make sure to go for one that will ship anything for, even if its is a hazardous or a dangerous good. Whether you are shipping cosmetics, spices, garments, industrial items, or any chemical, a reputed courier company will have the necessary expertise to deliver it anywhere in the world. Engaging a less reputed company would mean losing valuable time haggling with them over whether they can ship your item without any hassles.

Here is why should choose a reputed courier company for shipping hazardous goods

Honing onto a reputed and dependable courier company for cost-effective and efficient delivery solutions can be a complicated task when you want to send packages and goods domestically or internationally. However, this task becomes even more difficult when you are in a business that needs to get hazardous or dangerous goods shipped. But there are several professional courier companies that can carry out this task for you in a streamlined manner. Moreover, a well established courier company would have the necessary expertise to deal with the process. Here are some reasons to choose wisely when you are looking to ship hazardous goods.

Pick-up services


One of the most convenient services that a reputed courier company offers is door to door service. Even though there are numerous companies that will get the job of shipping hazardous goods done, you have to get the goods to company premises so that they can be dispatched. However, with a reputed courier company, you will not have to worry about this aspect since they would certainly offer pick-up services. Moreover, they will even pack your goods in an appropriate manner that takes their hazardous nature into account.

Insurance services


Yet another great reason to employ the services of a professional courier company is because they would provide insurance on every shipment that you send out. This is especially important since most hazardous goods swing towards the fragile side and it would lend you the assurance that in case something goes awry, you are covered.

Ship with ease


Even the prospect of trying to ship hazardous goods on your own may seem intimidating because it indeed is a complicated procedure, a task that is best left to the professionals. Since reputed courier companies would be familiar what the process entails, they can carry out the delivery with an ease that would be elusive for less reputed companies. Since the company also handles a major fraction of the customs clearance too, all you have to do is sign some paperwork and point the shipment towards the preferd destination.


Here are some common errors to avoid while relocating internationally

Relocating is invariably a stressful event, especially so if you are moving base to an altogether different country. Once you have arrived at the decision to move, there are a flurry of things that you have to essentially take into account. However, it is important to mull over your options and spend time pondering on the available resources because a hasty move can prove to be a hassle later on. Choosing a reputed courier and cargo service to help with your relocation objectives should be your primary motive. Here are some errors that you can avoid in order to make a seamless transition to another destination.

Not living out the ‘new’ experience

When you decide to move to a new country, it would be a prudent move to check out the destination. Visiting a place for a short time versus establishing yourself there for along time can be as different as heaven and earth. There are several pros and cons to consider before you decide to move. Talk to people who are actually living there to get insights about how your quality of life would be. Also do detailed research on the internet on the experience of expats in the specific country.


Not roping in the best cargo and courier service

When you are about to relocate internationally, hiring the wrong cargo and courier service can deal a lethal blow to your aims. The move is expectedly going to be a major one and you do not want to be dealing with a company that will only add to your troubles. A professional company will do their best to ease your move and make it as hassle free as possible. However, make sure that the reputation of the company precedes it and has the capability to handle all your needs. Not the least, make a comparison between different cargo and courier companies and weigh them against each other in terms of services and price. The most reputed companies may be the cheapest, but then you are sure to get value for your money.


Not knowing about the aspects of work commute

When you move to the new destination, it helps to calculate how far your workplace is from your home. Different cities have different transportation systems that may be rapid or slow depending on their distinct infrastructure and network. For instance, a commute that takes half an hour in your current city may exceed an hour in the new city. Take this aspect into consideration to avoid time mismanagement issues.


Some handy tips for packing minor household goods

Engaging the services of a courier company for shipping your household goods may not be as complicated as it may seem to be. The priority here is to find the right courier company that will handle your goods in an appropriate manner while also taking adequate steps to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination in an untarnished manner.


Get your household goods professionally packed


Reputed courier companies offer services that include the packaging of household goods in a professional manner that will take the nature of the goods into account. This can go a long way in saving your time and effort, lending you the flexibility to devote attention to other aspects of the move. A good courier company will know how to go about packing specific goods so that their vulnerability is taken into account.


DIY packing


In case you do not want to rein in the services of the courier company to pack your small goods, you can do it yourself if you keep some handy tips in mind. For instance, items that fall into the ‘breakable’ category, should be kept aside from heavy or large-scaled items. If you have some precious heirloom lamps or dainty showpieces, make sure that you use bubble wrap to pack the items. The bubble wrap gives an extra cushioning effect, thus keeping the items safe even if takes a beating. You can also use tissues, newspapers, and ‘beans’ to provide an extra layer of protection. Proceed to seal the box with duct tape, paste an inventory of the items on the side of the box, place a ‘Fragile’ sign and you are good to go.


Other random items


Goods like containers, jars, toys, clothing, utensils and other household wares do not really need the kind of heavy-duty protection that your breakable goods need. They can be packed after being wrapped and deposited into a box. You can use styrofoam or packing paper to fill in the empty spaces in the carton so that the items do not slide or rub against each other during transit.


Help is always at hand


Reputed courier companies have a dedicated customer care service that is always available to resolve all your queries. In case you have any questions or queries or are even seeking tips for packing your goods, you can get in touch with the friendly staff. They can also inform you on what items will be categorised as hazardous and thereby will need to be packed in a manner that does not subscribe to conventional patterns.  

Influence of VAT on exports from UAE

With the implementation of the Value Added Tax, or what is commonly known as the VAT in the UAE in 2018, an additional tax of 5% is levied on good , products and services. However, the UAE boasts of one of the lowest VAT rates globally. Companies and businesses can often be thrown off-guard  because the intricacies and the seeming notoriety surrounding the VAT may come across as intimidating, especially if you don’t understand them. Here are a few facts to keep in mind when you want to gauge the influence of the VAT on exports made from the UAE.

Zero-rated services


In the UAE, some services and goods do not come under the ambit of the VAT, meaning that they are exempted from the tax. These are essentially categorised as zero-rated products, goods and services, details of which are listed in the GCC-wide agreement. The law in the UAE states explicitly that the  “Export of goods and services outside the GCC and international transportation are zero-rated. They must be reported in tax returns, but no VAT will apply.” Thus, when you export an item that is zero-rated, it must still be recorded.

Services and goods that are zero-rated


The services and goods that are exempted from the VAT include certain types of precious metals, certain health care services and associated goods, some educational services and associated goods, rescue aircraft or vessels, and international transport of goods and passengers, among others.


Goods and services that are exempted


In addition to goods that are zero-rated, there are also some items that are classified as exempt. This essentially means that they are not levied with the VAT. Some of these items include life insurance, renewal of life insurance, bare land, local passenger transport, residential buildings except the ones that are already zero rated and certain financial services, among others.  

Understanding the VAT and its significance


Understanding the VAT is essential especially for those who are in the export domain. When you ship an item overseas you do not want to run into bureaucratic trouble just because you failed to follow a few VAT-related procedures. It can also help your business since the government in the UAE has clearly specified the scenarios where you could be penalised. These include not submitting tax returns, not registering with the tax authorities, lapses in recording tax information and trying to shrug off tax by providing false information, among others,


Here is how you can ship your car overseas from the UAE with ease

Sometimes there may arise a scenario where you might have to ship your car from the UAE to a destination abroad. In fact, statistics reveal that the UAE is home to so many high-end cars that private individuals and dealers are more than eager to ship them to prospective buyers abroad. This may seem like a process that involves complicated procedures and troublesome paperwork. However, you can simplify and streamline the process if you take a few key factors into account.

The importance of being ‘earnest’ in your paperwork

Before you even begin to venture right into looking for modes of shipping, it is highly essential that you get the paperwork in order. This is especially relevant in case of trans-border transportation since you don’t want your consignment held  up at customs because of your lackadaisical attitude to the paperwork. Among the things you will need are an authentic Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC), insurance documents, passport and its copies, the relevant visa of the UAE that you hold, visa of the destination country, and a bill of shipping in case you are using air or sea transport.


Be prepared to cough up a few bucks

Depending on where you are planning to export the car, it would be advisable to remember that you may need to pat the duty fee in accordance with the regulations. If you are sending a new car to a GCC state, a 5% fee is levied against the value of the car. However, a used car is exempted from this fee. Shipping the car to other countries will have an influence on the duty fees. Make sure to find out the cost that it entails to avoid later hassles.


Means of transport

You can send the car from the UAE via various means that would include by air, sea, or land. The most affordable option would most certainly be by freight. Again, this depends on the country that you are shipping to. A major fraction of the shipments can be carried out via conventional containers which can done through the port located near you. For a more quicker option and if your wallet allows for it, you can choose to send the car by air. A more protracted process of delivering the car would be by land. However, make sure you are familiar with border controls and have the necessary paperwork otherwise you may spend a considerable amount of time having arguments with border personnel, in vain.


A wide ensemble of air cargo services crafted just for you


The process of shipping goods and products from Point A to Point B can make you a little nervous, especially if it also involves the interests of your business. However, the stages involved in the process can be streamlined and eased if you hire the services of the right courier company. The right courier company would demonstrate professionalism through all the stages and would have the necessary expertise to handle potential fallouts.

A flurry of services

A well-established courier company offers domestic, regional and international air cargo services, in addition to ground and freight services. So whether you want to send a consignment within the UAE, the GCC states or to any other continent, they would help you achieve your delivery objectives within the desired timeframe. Moreover, the courier company can handle a vast variety of goods ranging from documents and medications to large-scaled packages like furniture or household goods, while ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition.

Comprehensive network of services

When you hire the services of a reputed courier company, you can be assured that you will receive services that are steeped in quality. Not only do they deliver your products worldwide through the use of their vast network, but can also deal with excess baggage and extraordinarily large products, something a newbie or less reputed courier company would find hard to accomplish. Moreover, since the company is involved in every stage of the process, you will be updated on the progress of your shipment at regular intervals. In case you have any concerns at any stage, the courier company’s customer service team is at your service at all times.

The fastest mode of transport

Air cargo services are obviously the fastest mode of transport and are utilized by millions of individuals and businesses. Moreover, a prominent advantage of this mode of transport is that there are ordinarily no restrictions in context of size or weight. You could even ship things as big as cars, boats and large furniture. A reputed courier company will always provide tracking details so you can rest easy while you track the progress of your consignment. Anyway, the fact that you are engaging air cargo services means that your delivery will be completed in a matter of days.

Things you need to know about shipping hazardous goods

When you are running a business, you may sometimes run into a situation where you essentially have to ship what is categorized as ‘hazardous goods’. These may include chemicals or some other product that is covered under the ambit of the category. Hazardous goods and their delivery needs to be handled by a courier company that is experienced enough to know what they are dealing with. Moreover, these kinds of goods have to be handled with care and precision, failing which there could be lingering possibilities of disaster, which is why it important to rein in a courier service that is reputed and dependable. Reputed companies that have been in the business for long would invariably have experience dealing with the delivery of hazardous goods.

What does it entail?

You should be in the knowhow about several aspects when it comes to shipping of dangerous of hazardous goods. A well-established courier company always only allows experienced handlers to deal with hazardous goods. First, they will ask you about the nature of the product that is meant to be delivered. Once the courier company acquires this information they can utilize their insights to ascertain the best manner in which the goods can be sent to the specific destination. You can also check out the company website and see the reviews that will lend you a clear idea about their dependability.

Varying prices

The quote that your courier company provides you for the shipping of hazardous goods can be based on a combination of factors. To get a clearer view on this, you can get in touch with the customer support team of the courier company who will take you through the entire process quite efficiently. Alternately, you can also visit the website of the company to see if you can get a reasonable quote. Based on where you want to send the goods and the mode of transport, the courier company will give you a realistic quote. In case you don’t want to go through the hassle of depositing the package at one of the company centers, you can request for a pick up. Most reputed courier companies also offer insurance packages in case you need one.

Rein in a reputed courier company to handle your deliveries

Regardless of whether you are using the services of a courier company for handling your personal deliveries or supporting your business, it is important to employ the services of a courier company that is reputed and in tune with your needs. Many individuals and businesses patronize a single courier company once their reliability has been firmly established. This is because a reputed courier company has all the necessary resources to handle various types of deliveries and have a wide network that enables tem to cater to client expectations.

An extensive network works wonders

Dependable courier companies wield their distinctive reputation because they boast of a wide and extensive network that eases the delivery process, without making the customer go through unnecessary hassles. They offer basic services like the delivery of letters and documents and also have the capacity to handle cargo that is of large dimensions. Moreover, the courier companies understand the local market with a familiarity that equates the gauging of international ones and can thus carry out deliveries for both commercial entities and individuals.

Relocation services that actually work

If you have a transferable job, you may indulge in several location changes. In such a scenario, a reputed courier company can go the distance in helping you with the intricacies of the move. Not only can they ship and deliver your important household items to the new location but can also assist with moving large-scaled items like furniture and cars. Moving house is always a complicated and tiring proposition and having the right courier company will pave the way for a seamless experience.

Various types of services

A reputed courier company offers so much more than just conventional services. They offer delivery services to various global destinations, pack your goods in a professional manner, and also offer door to door services. You can send your items via air, land or even sea and also ensure that your package reaches its destination safely. Moreover, you can also use the company’s warehouse to stock your goods till they are ready to be dispatched. Furthermore, you can also store your household goods till you find a new place to live.

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