7 International courier services that save your time and money

Picking the ideal International courier services to deliver cargo flawlessly, and with minimal charge is a challenge in the present system of worldwide delivery.For e-commerce business, delivery is compulsory for each one of those who are selling physical products to the clients. Yet, picking the correct cargo services in Dubai that helps you deliver your items quickly at the most minimal cost is a major problem.

But never feel confused. Here are the top 7 courier services that will save you time and money.

International courier services

    ABC Cargo

abc cargoABC Cargo is identified as one of the topmost door to door cargo services in Dubai with its reputable domestic and international services. The delivery process is also as simple as ABC offers all three modes of transportation i.e., Air, Sea and via Road.  When it comes to search in Google for the best courier service near me, ABC Cargo is preferred by over a Million  people in UAE and India.



dhl logoDHL is without a doubt one of the most well-known courier partners in the nation. You can use DHL to dispatch in India as well as to 220 nations of the world. DHL offers one of the quickest cargo delivery services. Nevertheless, for domestic shipments in India, DHL works alongside the brand BlueDart. You can send using the express delivery service without spending a lot of cash.


  Blue Dart

blue dartBlueDart is DHL’s domestic cargo partner. They have a proven reputation for quick delivery and low expenses. Bluedart was at first set up in Chennai and continuously developed to become one of the fastest courier services in Asia. It isn’t only a go-to cargo service in India but additionally ships to 220 countries all over the world. Blue Dart can assist you with shipping your items quickly through the express service mode without costing you a lot of money.


FedExFedEx has a considerably less complicated delivering procedure, particularly when it comes to eCommerce shipments. The company represents its famous reputation and helps eCommerce dealers send their parcels at the lowest rates. FedEx offers express shipping choices alongside COD services that can be beneficial for increased consumer satisfaction and quicker delivery of items.




ups freightUPS is one of the few cargo services that offer a free online tool called UPS Returns® Manager that permits eCommerce dealers to modify return shipments as per their policies. UPS is known for constantly regulating technological progressions in their shipping process which empowers organizations to appreciate a highly computerized and effective system. They utilize a few enterprise software solutions and instruments for incorporated business shipping.

Wow Express

Wow Express logoWow Express is one of the quickest and cost-effective courier services in India. The organization has been taking into account several successful eCommerce sites within a short span of time. Wow Express offers cash on delivery and express service choices, so your clients get all that they need without waiting. Apart from domestic shipments, Wow Express likewise offers international cargo service and switch logistic facilities.




gati logoGati is an Indian logistics delivery service that offers quick and cost-effective delivery choices to eCommerce business entrepreneurs. The organization was built up in the year 1989 and ever since has discovered a sound position in express service of requests. Gati offers Express and Express Plus services with the goal that your clients don’t need to stand by any longer for your items.


7 Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Moving freight is a part of day  to day tasks for a wide array of industry divisions around the world. When moving cargo is a consistent activity, proper execution is an absolute necessity. One wrong move and the entire shipment could lose quality and strength – risking harm to your cargo. Staying away from the common shipping mistakes can surely make the cargo service the best in the competition. The greater part of these mistakes is not that big but rather the effect that they can cause can be distressing. Shipping companies in UAE, without much of a stretch, can keep away from these problems  only if they identify them in the first place. Identifying proof, however, is the harder part.

7 Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemIt is better to go through the following mistakes in order to reduce unwanted, organizational spends.

  1.     Improper packing

About half of the issues that emerge while shipping an item are a direct result of improper packing. In majority of the occasions, faulty packing is the reason behind product harm. When the item isn’t packed appropriately, there are chances it may get damaged while in delivery. Avoid unnecessary expenses by consulting with a packaging professional.

  1.     Understanding the regulations of the destination

Before you set delivery desires for the clients, look into if the bundle satisfies the essential necessities or guidelines, for example, certificates to prove the item’s nation of origin. If your cargo doesn’t meet the requirements for the destination, it may cause some delays or return of the freight.

  1.     Check for the shipment weight


Wrong shipment weight- a few associations might not have the proper cargo weight guidelines, which leads to estimated weights. Carriers have guaranteed scales at their terminals and will re-check shipments and attach a charge to the bill if the first estimation is wrong. So, check for the weight of the cargo before you send them.

  1.     Incorrect labeling

All labeling ought to be printed 2 inches high on different sides of the container and the top. Using a black wide tip marker, print your last name, the room, the containers go to, and a list of contents. Number every box and cross-reference it to a listing of the contents recorded on a home stock. Any special guidelines, for example, “keep upright” or “top load,” ought to be marked on each of the four sides.


  1.     Giving items instruction

Some cargo items are vulnerable to some sort of cargo like Air cargo. So, giving the clients the guidelines through social media would be good in order to give them awareness. While packing, they can avoid such items or pack separately for better cargo movement.


  1.     Right Insurance Coverage

Buy extra insurance to cover the full estimation of your cargo, particularly in case you’re shipping important or delicate things like antiques, work of art, or engines. Major courier services provide insurance that will protect the whole cargo package.


  1.     Keep tracking

If you are not keeping track of delivery supplies, then it will be extremely hard to ship out things to clients on time. Besides, by watching out the shipping supplies, you can successfully establish re-request points at the perfect time and ensure that your provisions stores are protected.

Almost all parcel services are taking maximum measures to protect the freight they are carrying. However, customers also need to ensure these above-mentioned things.  As a leading cargo, ABC Cargo will always take care of your couriers no matter where your destination is.   

How to Register ABC Cargo Complaint ?

If your cargo didn’t travel as planned, damages may occur and you will go for filing a complaint. If you are claiming complaints in air cargo, a strict documentary process with legal frameworks should be followed.  A right cargo complaint procedure will lead to authentic settlement of cases mitigating potential dissatisfaction of any partner included.  For this, first, you should make sure that you have a copy of the Air Waybill (AWB), the contract of carriage. The moment you see the damaged cargo, file your complaint to the air carrier as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will lose your claim.

 How to Ensure the Safety of Your Cargo?

There are strict guidelines concerning security standards for air cargo shipments which state that freight should be subjected to careful security checks before loading onto an aircraft. In this new world, ensuring safety and security in air freight seems, by all accounts, to be easier than earlier. However, the components of products carried via air have changed in the recent past with the beginning of e-commerce platforms. Generally, there is a huge increment in the volume of electronic products shipped as air cargo. But, whatever the product is, packing plays a major role in safeguarding your cargo. Use well-constructed packaging materials according to the type of product you are shipping.  

best cargo service in dubaiHow to make a complaint about a courier delivery service?

The UAE has made strong efforts to ensure the consumer’s trust in the market and to create a good relationship between consumers and businesses. You can submit any feedback & complaints to ‘Manaa’, consumer safety service system, formed by Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council. Dubai Customs is focused on giving quality services that address the issues and expectations for its customers. Dubai Customs perceives the right of its customers to complain and invites grievances as an important form of feedback and contribution to improving its services. This law and protection make Courier service in Dubai easy and safe for the customers. ABC Cargo Reviews – Excellent Service, Dedicated Team.



ABC Cargo Kerala Floods Relief Cost Free Service

ABC Cargo & Courier provides free transportation service to those who are willing to provide flood relief, which is a service plan worth of praise.

ABC Cargo Kerala Floods Relief

As of today,thousands of expatriates from various Gulf countries have used the project. The expat community has taken up the project of freely dispatching all the utility items collected by non-resident organizations, groups and individuals to Kerala. ABC Cargo and Courier has been active on the ground since the project was announced. All the branches of the department were very busy.

Over a few days, more than 80,000 kgs of relief materials were collected at various branches of ABC.

The ABC Cargo Managing Director, Dr Sharif Abdul Qadir expressed his gratitude and announced that the service is cost-free.

Abc Courier companies in dubai

HQ: Opposite Al Quoz Mall, Al Quoz
United Arab Emirates
Tel : 04 3332378
Mob : 056 5395358

ABC Cargo ICC Cricket World Cup Dhamaka Prize Giveaway Ceremony

ICC Cricket World Cup always create a ripple among all. This time ABC Courier Service joined to make another ripple with a prediction contest named ICC Cricket World Cup Dhamaka to let our audience predict and win exciting prizes. Apart from other courier companies in Dubai, ABC Cargo has planned the contest starting from the very first day of the match. The contest was to predict:

ABC Cargo ICC Cricket World Cup Dhamaka

Courier companies in Dubai

  • The daily match-winner
  • Man of the Match of Semifinals
  • Man of the Series

ICC Cricket World Cup Dhamaka Prize Giveaway Ceremony

The results were surprising as we got a huge response from our audience. Winners are felicitated in the prize giveaway ceremony hosted at hotel Calicut Paragon, Dubai on July 25th.

Thanks to our happy clients who placed us among the best freight shipments companies in UAE. Their participation meant a lot and inspired us to plan some entertaining contest more.

ABC Courier companies in Dubai

ABC Cargo and courier have freight services of Air, Sea, and Road both domestic and international. And of course, the important services including documentation, customs clearance, warehouse & distribution and, Insurance. Spread across 38 countries and 247 cities, ABC Cargo has a large network of logistic services with thousands of happy clients.

Aspects to consider when you choose a courier partner for your business

Choose a Courier Partner ABC Cargo

choose a courier partner abc cargo
Choosing a reputed courier company such as ABCCargo as your courier partner can make all the difference between a flourishing company and one that is clearly on the wane. Making sure that you have the right courier partner is a crucial decision to make. Instead of making your way to the nearest cargo company, you should take your time and mull over the choices available and what they have on offer. After all, nothing can be more important than securing your business interests, which is why honing onto a dependable courier company like ABC Cargo is extremely vital. Here are some tips that can help you to reach a calculated decision while considering some significant aspects.


Do they have a good domestic network?


ABC Cargo has a vast network that encompasses almost all destination across the UAE. This factor is vital to any business that may not want to be restricted in terms of the destination in question. You may have partners and clients in nooks and corners of the UAE who may need products or documents delivered to them on time, a factor that may not sit well with a company that is of ill repute. Moreover, companies like ABC Cargo have express shipping services, a godsend for corporate houses.

Reputation matters


Reputation is key when it comes to choosing a courier company. In many cases, the reputation of a company precedes it. Take ABC Cargo for instance. The company is renowned for its dependable and reliable services and therefore is the first choice for business houses across the UAE. Moreover, you can check the reputation of your nearest cargo company by scouting for reviews online or just asking around in your circle of friends and business associates. This will give you a clear picture of your ideal courier partner.

Competitive pricing


When you are running a business, you obviously can’t just throw your money around, which is why you should be cautious in choosing a courier partner. ABC Cargo gives you value for your money, where the price is absolutely validated by the quality of services they provide. Moreover, if you patronise your nearest cargo company regularly, they may offer you some attractive offers and discounts.

Domestic Courier services – A cornerstone of corporate houses

The UAE is home to a plethora of corporate houses, which translates into a burgeoning importance of courier services because of the vital role they play in advocating the business goals of these organisations. Corporate houses need to indulge in a large quotient of documentation with their associates, partners and clients who may be located across various destinations in the UAE and for this they need to rein in the services of reputed courier companies such as ABC Cargo.


ABC Cargo handles corporate deliveries with ease


Domestic courier services are offered by offered by your nearest courier company and many others that may be located in your vicinity. However, not all courier companies are created equal when it comes to accomplishing the goals of domestic courier services. For instance, ABC Cargo is one company that stands out among its competitors in the sector. Not only does the company has a network that covers all major destinations across the UAE –  a factor that most corporate houses look out for, but also back up their services with great offers and discounts, especially for bulk orders or regular clients. Almost every corporate house prefers to employ a reputed courier company such as ABC Cargo to carry out their deliveries instead of regular postal services. This is because your nearest cargo company encompasses aspects like speed, efficiency and reliability.


Speed and efficiency trump convention


In this day and age when speed and efficiency are vital to every business, it is little wonder that corporate houses have dumped conventional postal services to choose courier companies like ABC Cargo. Moreover, speed and reliability are crucial to the success of a business because if a time-sensitive document does not reach its intended destination on time, not only does it affect business objectives, but also negatively influences the credibility of the  corporate house. This is why instead of choosing the nearest cargo company, you should opt for a well-established courier company like ABC Cargo. Moreover, ABC Cargo also offers a flurry of associated services such as door to door pick up, packaging, viable tracking and a robust customer support team, all that fall in line with the needs and requirements of corporate houses who do not want to waste their valuable time on the nitty gritties.

Efficient international cargo shipping can be a blessing for your export business

The strides made in the import and export domain in recent years has escalated the demand for reputed courier companies such as ABC Cargo that prove to be the perfect logistics partner for business objectives. Moreover, the demand for international cargo shipping has increased so much that even your nearest cargo company caters to the requirements.

Promote your business motives

Efficient international cargo shipping

It is also a fact that with the inception of a formidable platform like the internet, more and more people are hopping on to the bandwagon of online purchase. This makes international shipping inevitable and indispensable for businesses, regardless of their scale or target destinations. If you are an entrepreneur or own an export business, you would be certainly be acquainted with the significance of a professional courier and cargo company such as ABC Cargo. It’s not a very difficult proposition to find a company that deals with international cargo shipping. However, the real challenge is to find one that does the job with precision and perfection so as to advocate and promote your long-term business goals. For instance, ABC Cargo has the experience, expertise and well-qualified staff to carry out international cargo shipping with finesse. This is one of the prime reason that ABC Cargo has thrived in such a competitive sector in the UAE, carving a niche for itself in the domain.


What defines great international shipping?


Courier and cargo companies can be utilised by export businesses to transport a range of products, spanning from commodities to furniture to even cars. Reputed companies like ABC Cargo bank upon an array of modes to transport these goods. Thus, export businesses can choose the mode of transport in accordance with their requirements and time sensitivity. For instance, if you need the product to reach your client as fast as possible, ABC Cargo has efficient air freight services that accomplish the task. Your nearest cargo company also dispatches consignments by sea and land, especially when the shipments are not bound by any sort of time constraints. Moreover, the mode of transport would also depend on the destination you intend to sent it to. For example, if you are sending products from the UAE to USA, air freight would be the obvious choice, if the factor of time is important. However, regional and domestic destinations could do very well with land and sea cargo shipping. It is essential to engage with a courier and cargo company that is familiar with the nuances of international shipping. Thus, your nearest cargo company handles the paperwork and other aspects that are vital for clearing customs.


Address these issues before you choose a courier service

ABCCargo Courier Service

Sending a package overseas or domestically is an activity we all are inclined to do at some point in our lives. This is particularly relevant in this day and age when transportation has become so easy and fast thanks to flights, ships and cargo trucks. However, you can still get stumped by some courier services that are so unprofessional that it provokes you to think deeper when you go about hiring one. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before you hone on to an agency to make the delivery for you.

Do they appear to be professionals?

A courier service that is well-established and has a marked presence in the domestic and international sector will have a professional demeanor. They will have a well-equipped website with details of their services and a dedicated customer support team that helps you with general or specific queries. Professionalism is a virtue that does not need to be demonstrated, rather it can be easily gauged if you look closely enough.

Do they have a warehouse?

abccargo warehouse courier service
A courier company that has its own dedicated warehouse is sure to have control and security over the packages and cargo items since they have the space to house them. Moreover, you can rest assured that your parcel is safe until it leaves the warehouse.

Does the company offer tracking services?

Anyone who sends a package would obviously be interested in knowing about its whereabouts. You may want to check in on the progress of your package and whether the estimated delivery date is being compromised. A great courier service always provides tracking details once the package leaves the warehouse.

Do they appear legitimately qualified?

It’s a fact that not all courier services are born equal. Some are certainly better than the others. An established company will have a dynamic team, the right resources and also the skill to handle all delivery-related issues. Moreover, they will also have the expertise to handle packages based on specific aspects like size, value etc.

Do they simplify the process?

If you get a headache every time you deal with your courier company, its time to review your choice and latch on to a more professional company. Reputed courier service companies make the process simplified for their customers. All you have to do is to tell them your needs and expected delivery timeframe. Presto! That’s it. You wont even have to make a trip to the company since they can collect your package right from your doorstep.


Choose a cargo company that delivers right

Choose a cargo company that delivers right

Courier and cargo companies such as ABC Cargo perform an extremely vital task. Your nearest cargo company helps in delivering consignments to the right destinations through various means such as land, air and water. Reputed companies like ABC Cargo offer you these services at prices that are affordable and realistic. The ability to carry out deliveries efficiently is the hallmark of a professional and well-established courier company. Courier companies do this by relying on logistics and a network that encompasses a range of destinations.


The bandwagon grows


Most reputed courier companies such as ABCCargo lend customers an easy way to book their deliveries online and also provide clients with a viable tracking system that enable them to know the progress of their shipment. While earlier, only the big names in the courier sector dealt with international deliveries, now even small companies carry out international services with finesse. This is because more people and businesses now have needs that revolve around international shipping. Your nearest cargo company now can easily perform the task of delivering your goods to overseas locations.


Domestic deliveries

ABC cargo company

Your nearest cargo company provides many options when it comes to domestic deliveries. ABC Cargo handles same day deliveries and other packages that are less urgent with a level of expertise that reflects their experience in the domain. A reputed company knows that meeting deadlines and timeframes are the essence of delivery services. Moreover, all you have to do is to keep your package ready and give a call to your nearest cargo company. The friendly delivery agent is immediately dispatched to collect the package from your office or home and you are good to go.

International services


When it comes to international deliveries, ABC Cargo is your best bet. ABC Cargo is well acquainted with the intricacies of international shipments and is renowned for its efficient services that go hand in hand with a comprehensive network. By logging on to the website of the nearest cargo company, you can get details on the services you seek and even speak to the friendly customer support to get in-depth advice on how to go about dispatching your shipment and what it would entail.

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