Addressing Concerns: Debunking Myths About Flying Pets in Cargo

May 31, 2023


Have you ever wondered what happens when pets are unable to join their owners in the airplane cabin? 

Well, fret not! There’s an alternative option available for them. They can travel in the cargo hold, a specially designated area exclusively designed for transporting animals. Reputed domestic and international airlines understand this need and offer specialized shipping services, better called as pet transportation services.

Debunking Airline pet travel myths

Before delving deeper into the details of transporting a pet via cargo, let’s first attempt to decode a few myths in circulation regarding the subject. 

  1. Myth: Airlines don’t prioritize the well-being of pets in cargo.

Reality: Airlines have specific guidelines and regulations in place to ensure the safety and comfort of pets during transportation.

  1. Myth: Pets in cargo are at a higher risk of getting lost or misplaced.

Reality: Airlines have strict tracking systems in place to monitor pets in cargo and minimize the risk of loss or misplacement.

  1. Myth: Pets suffer from extreme temperatures and lack of oxygen in cargo.

Reality: Cargo holds are temperature-controlled and pressurized to ensure pet safety.

  1. Myth: Pets can easily escape from their crates during the flight.

Reality: Airlines require secure crates and trained staff to handle pet transportation properly.

  1. Myth: Pet traveling in cargo is excessively costly.

Reality: Prices for flying pets in cargo vary by airline and destination,

  1. Myth: Pets in cargo are subjected to long delays and extended periods of confinement.

Reality: Airlines aim to minimize transit times for pets in cargo and prioritize their prompt delivery to reduce any potential stress or discomfort.

How do you Transport Pets in Cargo?

Pet transport in cargo is a carefully orchestrated process undertaken to ensure the safe and comfortable journey of pets in cargo. Pet transport begins with pet owners selecting an appropriate airline that offers cargo services for pets. Before the journey, pet owners must ensure their pets are in good health and have all the necessary vaccinations and documentation required by the airline and destination country.

On travel day, pet owners are to accompany their furry companions to the designated cargo area of the airport, where they are carefully settled into sturdy and well-ventilated crates. These crates adhere to international airline standards and offer ample space for pets to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably throughout the journey. Once the pets are securely settled in their crates, airline staff carefully load them into the temperature-controlled and pressurized cargo holds of the aircraft. These cargo holds are specifically designed to maintain a suitable environment for pets, ensuring they are shielded from extreme temperatures and have an adequate supply of oxygen throughout the flight.

To prevent any mishaps, the crates are firmly secured and locked. Airlines have stringent requirements for crate security, ensuring that the pets cannot escape during the flight. Additionally, trained staff members handle the loading and unloading of pets, following established protocols to ensure their safety and minimize stress. Throughout the journey, the airline closely monitors the pets in cargo. They have tracking systems in place to keep tabs on the pets and minimize the risk of loss or misplacement. This provides reassurance to pet owners, knowing that their beloved companions are being closely watched and cared for.

Upon reaching the destination, the pets are carefully unloaded from the aircraft and brought to a designated area for pet retrieval. Pet owners are usually required to present identification and necessary documentation before they can be reunited with their furry friends.

Where Do Pets Reside During Cargo Travel?

During cargo travel, pets find their temporary homes in the specially designated area of the aircraft known as the cargo hold. This section is specifically designed and equipped to accommodate the transportation of animals. Within the cargo hold, pets are placed in their individual crates or kennels, providing them with a secure and comfortable space throughout the journey. The cargo hold is equipped with proper ventilation, temperature control, and pressurization to ensure a suitable environment for the well-being of the pets. It is important to note that pets traveling in cargo are kept separate from regular luggage and other cargo items, ensuring their dedicated space and safety throughout the duration of the flight.

For instance, Dogs and cats traveling in cargo must be placed in a well-ventilated, rigid kennel. Soft-sided carriers are not allowed for pet relocation services for cats or other animals due to safety concerns. The kennel should have a solid top and base without ventilation openings, and at least three sides with proper ventilation. Some airlines that undertakes pet relocation in Dubai may even require kennels with four ventilated sides for international travel.

Choosing a reputable airline with a proven track record in pet transportation can minimize any risks. Airlines often have protocols in place to ensure the safety and well-being of pets in cargo, including trained personnel overseeing the handling and monitoring of animals throughout the journey.

Is it Dangerous for Pets to Travel in the Hold of the Plane? 

While incidents involving pets in cargo are rare, there are certain factors to consider while choosing to undertake pet shipping in Dubai or elsewhere. The stress of travel and being separated from their owners can affect some animals. To reduce these risks, pet owners can proactively take specific steps. It is vital to strictly follow the airline’s guidelines, which might encompass crate specifications, essential documentation, and health certifications. Consulting with a veterinarian is strongly advised to assess the pet’s fitness for travel and address any unique requirements or concerns. 

By understanding and adhering to the policies and regulations set forth by the airline, and by taking necessary precautions, pet owners can provide their pets with a smooth and stress-free journey.

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