Business Never Stop, Neither We Do, 24/7 Local Delivery From ABC

Press Release: Dubai, September 29, 2022

Are you tired of waiting for your parcel to arrive? Is your parcel service invariably failing to deliver at your schedule? How about switching to ABC Cargo services?

With well-organized warehousing, inventory, and conveyance network, ABC Cargo has become the most relied freight service provider in UAE. Our 24/7 domestic service is introduced to cater the most exemplary service for UAE residents and business enterprises.

Here are a few reasons why ABC Cargo’s door-to-door cargo service stands out in the industry with its distinctive approaches.

24/7 local cargo service

Our sound infrastructure makes it easier for us to provide all our services all day, every day, to any and every part of the UAE. You no longer have to wait another day for your birthday parcel to arrive. Our expert drivers will run into you at any time of the day to surprise you with your birthday gift.

Real-time tracking service

You can now stay relieved of the tensions and confusion of expecting/ waiting for your delivery to reach home. ABC Cargo provides real-time tracking that will enable you to plan your delivery accordingly.

Free Pickup service

We provide free pick-up service from our customer’s doorstep, no matter where you stay or what your delivery is. All you need to do is place a call to let us know the details of your parcel and destination. We will be there soon to pick it up.

On-demand delivery service

You no longer have to worry about our delivery patterns because we are willing to follow your schedule. You let us know the time you are available, and we shall be there to make the delivery, or if you prefer a regular delivery, we can switch to that too. All our deliveries and pick-ups depend solely on your convenience.

Easy replacements & returns service

Waiting for days for a return and replacement can hit you hard. That is why ABC keeps up with a quick and easy return/replacement policy. You can give us a call in case of any such issues.

Dedicated customer service

Our staff is committed to provisioning you with the best and most professional service. Years of experience with national and international cargo service proved worthy in fulfilling customers’ domestic freight requirements.

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