Choose the Best Cargo Delivery Partner for this Holiday Season!

Best Cargo Delivery Partner-ABC Cargo

The summer sun is beating down on us and it heralds something else too, namely, summer vacation! Schools have been shut down and the season of golden ripe mangoes is upon us. With the stifling heat taking over the world, popsicles and ice cakes are just unmissable! 

With the onset of the vacation season, people make their annual visits to their homelands or else invite their distant relatives to their place of stay. But with back-to-work sessions going on seriously in major cities, getting a long leave would not be so easy. But still, we can make our presence felt by always sending a package over to our loved ones! And this is made easy as pie with the express delivery services brought to you by ABC Cargo! 

With its exceptional service quality and dedication, ABC Cargo has turned out to be the most preferred courier company in Dubai. 

Get Your Ramadan Offer Delivered to Kerala! 

Take advantage of this fantastic seasonal offer:

For packages less than 2 KG, 3 KG, 4KG, 5KG, 6-10 KG, ship them to your destination at AED70, AED80, AED90, AED100, AED210, respectively.

Over the years, ABC Cargo in Dubai, an international cargo service provider, has provided full and finite logistics and shipping solutions. In addition to freight forwarding, top-notch customs services are available to help streamline the logistics process for both domestic and international shipments. ABC Cargo believes that everyone’s time is equally precious, and it values simplicity above all else.

Besides freight forwarding, impeccable customs services are provided to smoothen the logistics process for both domestic and international cargo services. ABC Cargo believes that time is equally valuable to all and embraces simplicity at its best.

Choosing the correct shipping provider for your organization is critical and depends on a number of criteria. The search for the best shipping company for sending cargo to India might be exhausting if you don’t keep a few essential considerations in mind. The warm welcome among the customers alike has led to the flourishing of ABC Cargo to unparalleled levels and has positioned it as one of the best cargoes in the UAE! 

Celebrate your vacation season with ABC Cargo! 

Grab the best offer brought to you by ABC Cargo to send cargo to India this Ramadan season and share the season’s greetings with your near and dear ones in Kerala at affordable prices!

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