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After a long academic year, it’s finally the time of the year to take a moment to appreciate the little things in life, which significantly points to the annual vacation plan.

Drenching in monsoon showers, gorging on golden ripe mangoes, and catching up with cousins: an endless list of memories clog our brains and fill our hearts, urging us to return to our hometown. Exploring the top spring vacation destinations like the UK with pleasant temperatures is quite unmissable! 

ABC Cargo Summer Offer

ABC Cargo has made the summer heat rise up with a hot offer coming your way. Now send your shipment at just 7.95 AED from UAE to India with ABC Cargo!

With the onset of vacation, it’s hopefully the time of ongoing discussions on when to book the tickets, how to chart the vacation plan, how long should the leaves be taken, and so much more. Now, are we forgetting something important? 

Yes, the boxes of chocolates for nieces and nephews, gifts for aunts and uncles, confectionery boxes for neighbors, and the bandwagon of essentials and non-essentials keep on adding up. 

Not to forget one’s own luggage! And this reveals yet another important constraint, and that’s the maximum weightage that could be allowed per person on the flight! 

Yes, we could hear that heavy sigh that you have just added at the last minute of a quick reminder! But don’t worry! ABC Cargo can be your last-minute go-to for extra hands to safely deliver your luggage to your destination on time, just the way you want it!

Hand over your extra baggage to the international delivery partner, send cargo to India with ABC Cargo, and relieve yourselves of the worry! ABC Cargo extends our service palette to all major vacation hotspots and dream destinations including Europe and UK. 

Ship your baggage the easy way! 

From packing to delivering, your shipment is sound and secure in the hands of ABC Cargo, even in the middle of the ocean.

Finally, use the real-time tracking service of ABC Cargo to know the current status of the shipment. For any possibility of disaster or delay, the customer would be contacted soon enough and kept in the loop for the flow of information. 

Looking for the best door-to-door courier service? Find ABC Cargo, the best cargo in the UAE, and a crew of experts to handle your shipments with ease. We offer high quality service for door-to-door cargo to India from Dubai and are the best among cargo companies in Dubai at affordable rates.

Plan your vacation with ABC Cargo! 

With rapid transportation, ABC Cargo, providing cargo services in Dubai to India with 20 years of experience, can now provide fast cargo-based solutions. Now, you can send a shipment from Dubai to any country in India and have it delivered to your door. The global cargo network has positioned us to deliver cargo service to areas like never before. 

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