Here are the 5 questions you should ask your local courier service

Your local courier service in the UAE could be of utmost importance when you want to ship your package to a domestic, regional or international destination. Courier services that are local can be a more affordable alternative to the big names that will lend you the same quality and quotient of service, but at an exaggerated cost. However, when you choose a courier company to carry out deliveries for you, ask them these vital questions.


Are your delivery personnel reliable?


The most prominent factor to keep in mind is the reliability of the delivery personnel of the courier company. There is nothing that will give you more peace of mind than knowing that your package is in safe and dependable hands. Moreover, efficient delivery men will make sure that your package arrive at the destination in time and in pristine condition. Reputed courier companies wear uniforms that are easily recognised and also drive vehicles that are emblazoned with the company logo. In addition, all the delivery personnel have clean records and are well experienced.

What are the options available in terms of service?


When you go about choosing a courier company, it is important to know about the services that they provide and if they are in compatibility with your needs and requirements. Do they offer deliveries to a vast number of regional and international destinations? Do they have door to door services? Do they provide tracking details? Do they insure the items that you ship? Do they provide air, land and sea transport? How good is their customer service?

Do you have a user-friendly online interface?


To engage with a courier company that has a well designed and user-friendly interface can make it that much easier to deal with them. You can save time and effort by placing delivery requirements online and you can also go the FAQs section in order to know about some common queries and questions. Moreover, they will also have a tracking link that would ease the process of tracking the progress of your delivery process.

Are the prices in sync with the services provided?


No one likes to shell out the big bucks when you are engaging the services of a courier company. In case you are running a business and are indulging in regular shiping of goods and products, this factor should reign high on your list of priorities. Reputed courier companies are quite upfront about their prices and do not attempt to veil any hidden costs. They will give you a pretty accurate account of the prices involved.

Will any potential problems be resolved?


When you go about choosing your preferred courier service, make sure that any emerging problem or concern is dealt with effectively and within a certain timeframe. A strong customer service team is the foundation of any well-established courier service company. They will address your concerns and questions at any time of the day and will give you adequate feedback on any lingering issues.


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