Here is how you can ship your car overseas from the UAE with ease

Sometimes there may arise a scenario where you might have to ship your car from the UAE to a destination abroad. In fact, statistics reveal that the UAE is home to so many high-end cars that private individuals and dealers are more than eager to ship them to prospective buyers abroad. This may seem like a process that involves complicated procedures and troublesome paperwork. However, you can simplify and streamline the process if you take a few key factors into account.

The importance of being ‘earnest’ in your paperwork

Before you even begin to venture right into looking for modes of shipping, it is highly essential that you get the paperwork in order. This is especially relevant in case of trans-border transportation since you don’t want your consignment held  up at customs because of your lackadaisical attitude to the paperwork. Among the things you will need are an authentic Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC), insurance documents, passport and its copies, the relevant visa of the UAE that you hold, visa of the destination country, and a bill of shipping in case you are using air or sea transport.


Be prepared to cough up a few bucks

Depending on where you are planning to export the car, it would be advisable to remember that you may need to pat the duty fee in accordance with the regulations. If you are sending a new car to a GCC state, a 5% fee is levied against the value of the car. However, a used car is exempted from this fee. Shipping the car to other countries will have an influence on the duty fees. Make sure to find out the cost that it entails to avoid later hassles.


Means of transport

You can send the car from the UAE via various means that would include by air, sea, or land. The most affordable option would most certainly be by freight. Again, this depends on the country that you are shipping to. A major fraction of the shipments can be carried out via conventional containers which can done through the port located near you. For a more quicker option and if your wallet allows for it, you can choose to send the car by air. A more protracted process of delivering the car would be by land. However, make sure you are familiar with border controls and have the necessary paperwork otherwise you may spend a considerable amount of time having arguments with border personnel, in vain.


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