Why is our door-to-door cargo service from Dubai to Kerala the best choice?

Press Release: Dubai, December 13, 2023

cargo service from Dubai to Kerala -ABC

Affordable Door-to-door Rates

Hiring our cargo service from Dubai to Kerala won’t break the bank or rend your wallet; we provide an affordable way to convey your shipment.

Our Door-to-Door India Price per kg

Transparency is something we value. There are no additional fees while using ABC Cargo and Couriers. Our price is simple: each carton has a packing charge of AED 20 * and a minimal paperwork charge of AED 20 *. You won’t be surprised by your bill because you are fully aware of what you are paying for.

Swift Transit Time:

For Kerala, our Express Air Cargo guarantees a timely delivery window of 5-7 working days, and for other Indian states, a window of 7-15 working days. Your shipment meets critical deadlines and obligations by arriving at its destination as soon as possible.

Air Cargo from Dubai to Kerala

Fast and Efficient Air Cargo

Our air cargo service is renowned for its remarkable speed and efficiency, guaranteeing prompt delivery of products from Dubai to Kerala. To speed up the shipping process, we place a high priority on prompt delivery and effective procedures.

Cost-Effective Cargo Rates

We don’t include any unpleasant surprises or unanticipated fees in our air cargo service from Dubai to Kerala. Consequently, it makes the shipping process more transparent and equitable.

Multiple Airports in Kerala

Our air freight service offers extensive accessibility for cargo delivery, covering several airports in Kerala. Our service can meet your shipping needs whether your destination is Kerala’s Cochin International Airport, Trivandrum International Airport, or Calicut International Airport. This wide coverage guarantees that your cargo may conveniently and efficiently reach all of Kerala’s regions.

 Sea Cargo to Kerala from UAE

One of the most dependable and affordable transportation options available to both individuals and companies is our ABC freight service.

We can deliver substantial amounts of cargo thanks to our reliable logistic service, regardless of how large or bulky your goods or huge products are.

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