Packing your Fragile Items was never a difficulty for ABC Cargo!

Press Release: Dubai, March 18, 2021

The shipment that we send is close to our hearts and we want our box of happiness to reach safely in the hands of our loved ones. The packing and shipping services are significant factors in the proper and safe handover of your shipment. Are you planning to send a stellar ceramic vase for the nuptials of your gardener cousin’s wedding? Worried that it may break to pieces or crack midway?

This is never going to happen with ABC Cargo Dubai at your service. Packing and shipping services of ABC Cargo is undoubtedly the best speaking in terms of proficiency and excellence.

The best time-tested packing materials are profoundly employed by ABC Cargo to act as an extra care for the untampered freight of your shipment, to take care of your fragile items from being broken while on the way, we use special customary packaging upon request and this comes with some additional cost too!

We give out all our love in the packages that we send and wholeheartedly wish that the shipment reaches the respective destination without any delay and without any damage. 

The primary key indicators of ABC cargo while it comes to packing and shipping services are:

ABC Add on Services

ABC Cargo has direct shipment as well as third-party lodgement of the shipment. For fragile items, we have separate customised packaging plans that can cost you a bit more than the usual pricing plan and the delivery of your shipment will be sound and safe!

 Best time-tested packing materials

The corrugated boxes that have been employed for packing your shipment should not be tad less than the predefined quality benchmark levels. Having a fresh new box that seems perfectly fine as and when it’s taken won’t do good until and unless it’s time-tested. The packing materials should be chosen in such a way that it has adequate longevity since your shipment has to go a long way! And ABC Cargo takes care of it professionally with expert hands!

Highly skilled proficient  packers

Having quality packing elements alone won’t do any good until you have quality people to do so.  The packing process demands expertise and some technicalities to ensure the safe and sound freight forwarding of your shipment. ABC cargo stands tall in terms of its highly qualified array of packers and mistakes are never going to occur with this qualified team!

Secured Packaging

The best moving company in Dubai, ABC Cargo safely handover your shipment to the right destination within the time frame, without a single damage and we deliver your happiness without any breaks! We pack your box of happiness and safely unloads it at the right doorstep with loads of dedication, commitment, and responsibility. 

ABC Cargo believes in the importance of secured packaging and considers it as a mandatory checklist key factor in ensuring a damage-free delivery of your shipment. We just can’t ruin your happiness and bring in disappointment, moreover, we just can’t let you down for believing in us! Get cargo insured packaging for your shipment upon query from the best shipping and packing cargo services in UAE, ABC Cargo! The recipients can receive it with loads of suspense and have a moment of utter happiness with the timely, safe reception of the shipment. Call Toll free on 800916 for the fastest and most affordable cargo services.

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