Some handy tips for packing minor household goods

Engaging the services of a courier company for shipping your household goods may not be as complicated as it may seem to be. The priority here is to find the right courier company that will handle your goods in an appropriate manner while also taking adequate steps to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination in an untarnished manner.


Get your household goods professionally packed


Reputed courier companies offer services that include the packaging of household goods in a professional manner that will take the nature of the goods into account. This can go a long way in saving your time and effort, lending you the flexibility to devote attention to other aspects of the move. A good courier company will know how to go about packing specific goods so that their vulnerability is taken into account.


DIY packing


In case you do not want to rein in the services of the courier company to pack your small goods, you can do it yourself if you keep some handy tips in mind. For instance, items that fall into the ‘breakable’ category, should be kept aside from heavy or large-scaled items. If you have some precious heirloom lamps or dainty showpieces, make sure that you use bubble wrap to pack the items. The bubble wrap gives an extra cushioning effect, thus keeping the items safe even if takes a beating. You can also use tissues, newspapers, and ‘beans’ to provide an extra layer of protection. Proceed to seal the box with duct tape, paste an inventory of the items on the side of the box, place a ‘Fragile’ sign and you are good to go.


Other random items


Goods like containers, jars, toys, clothing, utensils and other household wares do not really need the kind of heavy-duty protection that your breakable goods need. They can be packed after being wrapped and deposited into a box. You can use styrofoam or packing paper to fill in the empty spaces in the carton so that the items do not slide or rub against each other during transit.


Help is always at hand


Reputed courier companies have a dedicated customer care service that is always available to resolve all your queries. In case you have any questions or queries or are even seeking tips for packing your goods, you can get in touch with the friendly staff. They can also inform you on what items will be categorised as hazardous and thereby will need to be packed in a manner that does not subscribe to conventional patterns.  

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