Want to know door-to-door Cargo to India price per kg?

We’ve come a long way since the Stone Age, and we’re all connected, even if we’re thousands of miles apart. The global link has created a beneficial situation in which many firms that provide a specific set of services can also cater to the needs of a country or specific demography.

Over time, global trade has evolved. Technology and profound knowledge of trade routes that have been pre-existing and used over time provide strong support for decades of work that has contributed to global trade. You can easily use services such as door to door freight to India from Dubai, regardless of how far apart you are.

Door to door cargo Dubai to Kerala

In an ever-changing world, Dubai, the globe’s business capital, is prone to possible change in a fraction of a second. People with technology streaks have access to a variety of services.

With the help of speedy transportation ABC Cargo, a Dubai-based cargo services company with 20 years of experience, can now offer quick cargo-based solutions. You may now send a shipment from Dubai to any country in India and have it delivered right to your door.  The worldwide freight network has put us in a position to supply cargo service to places where it has never been before.

Uninterrupted Cargo Services From Dubai To India are provided by a dedicated team.

Send your boxes of joy to your loved ones throughout the holidays by using ABC Cargo’s low-cost high-speed door-to-door delivery service.

Without a doubt, ABC Cargo offers the greatest courier services in Dubai, as well as custom-made solutions. With ABC Cargo, you can rest assured that your shipment will be handled with the highest care and efficiency.

With an extended range of services, ABC Cargo shares the pricing tariffs over each sector. 

Door-to-door Cargo to India price per kg- Feb 2022


Minimum weight:20Kg

Above 30 kg : AED 8/ Kg

Below 30 kg : AED 9/ Kg

Transit time:20-25 working days.

Documentation charge: AED 20

Packing charge: AED 20 per carton


Minimum weight:20Kg

Above 30 kg: AED 13/ Kg

Below 30 kg: AED 14.5/ Kg

Transit time: 7-10 Working days (KERALA)

 10-15 Working days(OTHER STATES)

Documentation charge: AED 20

Packing charge: AED 20 per carton


Minimum weight: 30 kg

Rate: 6 AED / Kg

Transit time:45-50 working days

Documentation charge: AED 20

Packing charge: AED 20 per carton

Terms and Condition

*The above rate is valid for normal items (except electronics & expensive items).

*Custom duty will be applicable for electronics and expensive items based on your invoice value.

*Charges will be applicable to the Gross weight/volume weight.

* Delivery time depends on the customs , if there is any delay it would affect the delivery time.

Ramadan Special Offer to Kerala

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Avail of the qualitative services of ABC Cargo at affordable rates for sending cargo to India. Save big and have a happy cargo delivery experience! 

  • Prices will be updated regularly: For the latest prices and updates please contact us on Toll-Free/ Whats App: 800 916

How Covid 2.0 is affecting Cargo Services in Dubai?

Covid seems to be so adamant to leave us and has come again with a bang. This time, it’s double-fold strong and supremely contagious with no visible symptoms, and the affected ones succumbing to their fate. 

Yes, being a frightening situation the second wave of Covid is definitely bringing in massive tension and stress among the society. 

With the massive spread of the Covid-19 variant and insufficiency of vaccines making top headlines, things seem to be getting way out of control. But to our relief, we can think about how we came out through ages of smallpox, jaundice, and many other viral diseases which caused a wreck in human lives. At a time, when technology and resources were minimal, we fought it out! Keeping these epic recoveries in mind, let’s practice social distancing, sanitizing hands, using masks, and taking enough precautions to fight this deadly virus off. 

Now, Covid-19 brought massive changes to the work sphere and work culture, and with the emergence of the second wave, Work from Home is going to be practiced soon enough to meet the safety guidelines and ensure less risky situations. 

How has Covid-19 affected the cargo industry is a topic that is worth discussing and let’s see how! 

Air Cargo comes to the rescue 

Air cargo has been a significant savior in delivering much-needed medicines, medical equipment (including spare parts/repair components). 

Time-sensitive materials delivery 

Cargo services in Dubai were actively pursued to deliver time-sensitive materials and keep the supply chains functioning. 

This came into practice and was only made possible with the dedicated cooperation of cargo freighter operations, utilization of cargo capacity in passenger aircraft, and relief flights to affected areas. 

With the Covid-19 protocol taking center stage, changes were made to the air cargo capacity based on actual flight movements. 

The Covid-19 protocol was actively and stringently followed by the best cargo service in Dubai, ABC Cargo, and also ensured contactless delivery.

Contactless delivery with multiple options 

We ensured a contactless delivery with respect to the highly pandemic situation and respected the Covid Protocol to keep things moving forward and continue to move forward with the same set of guidelines to meet the second wave too! 

The second wave of Covid brings in a lot of uncertainty and we have developed a set of guidelines to follow to ensure the safety and wellness of our team as well as our customers. 

The best propaganda to adopt on behalf of the Dubai Cargo Services is to practice social distancing. Let us maintain less proximity with more preference laid to contactless delivery! 

The second wave of Corona has reinstated some safety measures in Dubai and they are: 

Along with compulsory mask-wearing in public and ensuring social distancing, Dubai has in addition restricted gatherings at restaurants and social gatherings and banned live entertainment. 

It also put down hotel and shopping center capacity and stressed a requirement for all incoming passengers to take a test to prove they are virus-free. 

ABC Cargo Dubai relies on the safety and wellness of its customer base and extends our good wishes and prayers to help you surpass the second wave of Corona!

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