Why Wooden Crating is Important in Shipping?

wooden crates for shipping ABC Cargo

Whether you are a seller with an enumerable number of products to sell overseas or just shipping a token of appreciation to your faraway cousin’s wedding, you should have a clear and concise idea about the packaging material used by your cargo partner! 

What type of crates can be used for successfully transporting your shipment to the exact destination? Being in the logistics and shipping industry for a long, ABC Cargo, providing international cargo services, has a quite number of options to choose from like plastic crates, cardboard crates, wooden crates, metal crates, etc.

From the lot, it’s quite obvious that wooden crates are a more affordable option to choose from and as we have stumbled upon it, let’s investigate on how a wooden crate can be a better choice for your shipment with the help of ABC Cargo, Dubai cargo company!  

Wooden crates for shipping! 

Crates made of wood are one form of crate that can be used for shipment. It is, however, one of the greatest types of shipping containers available. They’re tough, and they’re known for providing excellent protection for the cargo you’re transporting. They’re also environmentally friendly, easy to store, and stack. Precipitation, salt, humidity, temperature, snowfall, and other natural elements are all well-protected by wooden boxes. Many shippers prefer wood to steel because steel is an excellent heat conductor. For the record, if you want to keep your load safe, that is a bad thing to do.

What are the winning points of wooden crates? 

1.It is both inexpensive and effective.

If we exclude plastic, wood is one of the most affordable materials available. When it comes to product safety, though, using plastic is the worst thing you can do. Furthermore, it is one of the least environmentally friendly materials available. As a result, wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. It’s simple to recycle wood, and when combined with the durability we discussed earlier, it’s a winning combination. Isn’t using wooden crates for shipping an excellent idea for sending your cargo to India

2.Safe and secure

They are really safe. When it comes to security, wooden crates are one of the greatest solutions. Opening a wooden crate is tough because it necessitates the use of tools. Opening a wooden crate takes a little more time and effort, and it won’t go unnoticed. So get some wooden crates and keep your cargo safe!

3.Capacity to stack 

When you want to stack wooden boxes one on top of the other, they’re ideal. They’re often designed to handle the weight of numerous stacked containers. They’re also fantastic because you can use them as the principal crating material for a long time. Their endurance and strength are unrivaled. Many dwellings are made of wood, and this is not by chance!Wooden containers can be stacked without difficulty.

4.Crates made of wood are more difficult to break.

For hefty cargo, wooden crates are used.When it comes to moving large and heavy furniture, wooden crates are ideal. As previously stated, heavy-duty timber crates can support weights ranging from 4000-7000 pounds, or about 4 metric tons. This will suffice for any large item you intend to ship, whether it’s heavy machinery or a large piece of furniture.

Start shipping with ABC Cargo! 

With all that discussed, best of luck with your endeavors in employing wooden crates for shipping!

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