ABC Cargo Celebrates Women’s Day in a Special Way!

Press Release: Dubai, March 10, 2022

ABC Cargo is a well-known shipping company that provides global air and sea cargo delivery services. This year, the freight company held a 100-boat procession at Dubai Abra to commemorate International Women’s Day.

ABC Cargo’s female employees applauded the company’s management for being concerned about gender equality in the workplace. Thousands of people gathered at Deira’s Sabkha station to make the festivities a huge success. The boat service was free from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and it was decked out in the company’s attractive red branding. Throughout the first half of the day, the entire creek turned red, inviting more and more people to join in the celebration.

Throughout the first half of the day, the entire creek turned red, inviting more and more people to join in the celebration.

ABC Cargo and Courier is a leading door-to-door Dubai to Kerala cargo service provider in the UAE and other GCC countries, offering both local and international services. Thanks to their constant efforts and high-quality service, ABC Cargo is the number one cargo service in the UAE, with 22 branch offices that have a highly dedicated team and a GCC Representation Network.

Choosing the correct shipping provider for your organization is critical and depends on a number of criteria. The search for the best shipping company for sending cargo to India might be exhausting if you don’t keep a few essential considerations in mind. The warm welcome among the customers alike has led to the flourishing of ABC Cargo to unparalleled levels and has positioned it as one of the best cargoes in the UAE! 

Door-to-door cargo to India experts! 

With 20 years of experience and 22 branches all over the GCC, ABC Cargo is your safest bet when it comes to freighters and can deliver your shipment in the best possible way!

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